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Christine is a Berlin-based writer. After careers in international development and policy communications, Christine earned a graduate degree from the London School of Economics. Her work has been featured in Polis, LSE's media blog, and the LSE Review of Books. Christine writes about gender, economics, cross-Atlantic politics, and the media.

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Episode 5 | Werkin with Eric Collins

Never underestimate the power of toil and grit. Eric Collins, Chief Operating Officer of Touch Surgery, a surgical simulation platform, counts toil and grit as his signature superpowers. 'It's the willingness to toil and have some grit, you know, I'm just going to continue grinding away.'

Britain's Paper Tigers: Past, Present, and Future of Journalism

Does the last newspaper leaving behind its offices on Fleet Street signal the end of Britain's press? Can quality journalism cohabitate with "jaw-dropping" cat video listicles on the same website? What really holds more influence: the news found on the front-page or on clickbait?

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Jacqueline de Rojas

Hayley interviews Jacqueline de Rojas, President of techUK and Chair of Digital Leaders. De Rojas describes her calling to do things a bit differently, the virtues of positive deviance, and how creating a diverse organisational voice drives better business outcomes.

WERKIN with Podcast Episode 8 Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon

Before founding STEMettes the UK's leading social initiative dedicated to inspiring and promoting young women in STEM, before a successful career in computer engineering and before earning advanced degrees in mathematics from Oxford, Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon was the youngest girl ever to pass A-level computing at age 11.

LSE Review of Books
Book Review: Masculinity, Femininity and American Political Behavior by Monika McDermott

In Masculinity, Femininity and American Political Behavior Find this book: . Monika McDermott. Oxford University Press. 2016. Masculinity, Femininity and American Political Behavior , Monika McDermott presents research that fundamentally questions longstanding assumptions regarding the influence of biological sex when it comes to US voting behaviour.

LSE Review of Books
Book Review: Basic Income: And How We Can Make It Happen by Guy Standing

Drawing on thirty years experience researching, testing, designing and advocating for basic income schemes, Basic Income: And How We Can Make It Happen Find this book: . Guy Standing. Pelican. 2017. Guy Standing offers a concise and well-organised overview of their history, development, definition and implications in Basic Income: And How We Can Make it Happen .

Following the US elections from London: an expat's view

2am quarrels, anxiety, doubt, ambivalence, feeling disconnected, refreshing the phone for updates. No, this is not a long-distance relationship on the rocks, it is the life of an American expat following the U.S. presidential elections from London. Two weeks ahead of Election Day, U.S.

A journey of disruption with Discovery Communications

By LSE MSc student Christine Sweeney I strongly recommend that you approach your career with the same kind of fearlessness and willingness to take risks... especially in a hugely disruptive industry like media. Michelle Russo, Executive Vice President for Global Communications knows a thing or two about leading a global company through disruption, as well as taking that approach to her own career path.

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