Christina Loridas

Writer and photographer, M.S. in Global Studies/International Relations

Location icon United States

Passionate traveler and writer seeking creative position in copywriting, editing, blogging, and communications

Meraki Blogspot
How to Spark Inspiration When You're Not Feelin' it

Missing that sunshine, fresh air, or the absolute adrenaline rush in the pit of your stomach when you step on a plane in anticipation of the adventure that awaits you? It's cold, it's depressing, and it's got us all feeling like we'd rather hibernate for a long winter's nap than be the productive creators of our own destinies.

My Shades of Grecian Blue: Postcards in Aqua & Azure

Meraki (μεράκι) (n.): The soul, love, or creativity put into something. The essence of yourself that you put into your work It took me years to find precisely the right word to capture myself, those I love, places I love the most, and the writing, scenes, songs, countries, and its people which have captivated my soul.

Not Another Millennial Blog
You Are Not Your Career: The Pursuit of Finding Something Greater

By Christina Loridas At 21, a fresh-faced college grad unfamiliar with the struggles of the career world, I wanted to do 8,000 things. I wanted to be an artist, a writer, a world traveler, a photographer and a graphic designer. How could I pick just one?

The Local Market
Mudslides and Chill: The Chart Room

With the sun bleeding into the rippling tides and the bobbing boats in the harbor side, all thats missing to complete this killer view is a mudslide-and the best Cape Cod to offer, served out of a wood-worn bar window.

The Local Market
The Nantucket Series: A Brewer's Paradise

Worn wooden benches and smooth table tops clutter the gravel under the dusk of an unforgettable night-July evening on Nantucket, with the best (and only!) brewery, distillery and winery the island has to offer: Cisco Brewers.

The Local Market
Have your Oyster, and Eat It too

The results are in: the oyster craze is officially taking the world by storm with oysters shacks, bars, and restaurants serving this seaside delicacy sprouting up in even the unlikeliest of places. With the oyster buzz comes chefs', foodies', and bloggers' innovative, creative, and down-right sizzling ways to feast on these bomb shells (literally).

Portes Magazine | Summer 2014

TRAVEL: What to do, eat, breathe, and see during a weekend getaway on the beautiful Greek island of Alonissos

Portes Magazine Spring 2014

ARTS & CULTURE {Karagiozis is the traditional and main comical character in Greek Shadow Theatre. Depicted as a hunchback, he is a representation of the Greek common folk and their social and political struggles during Post-Revolutionary Greece. Karagiozis lives in a shack with his family, across from the Ottoman palace.

Portes Magazine | V 2014

CURRENT EVENTS: Marking the 40th year of the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus, Portes examines the painful history of an island-country being illegally occupied

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