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Christina Leo

Writer, Editor, Communications Expert

Location icon United States

Writer and editor based in Louisiana. MFA in prose from the University of Notre Dame. Fiction forthcoming in December 2019 issue of 'Salamander.'

LSU anthropologist Heather McKillop dives into new Maya discoveries

Chichén Itzá. Tikal. Tulum. These are the ancient cities whose indestructible limestone ruins dominate the landscape of ancient Maya archeology, both literally and figuratively. Stories of their noble rulers and mysterious rituals abound in the cultural imagination, but most evidence of the ordinary dwellings populating these pre-Columbian strongholds-the thatched houses and wooden workshops of the common people, the artisans, the farmers-has been lost to time.

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(Cover Story) A league of her own: A.J. Andrews knocks it out of the park

Since 1957, the Rawlings Gold Glove Award has been handed out annually to some of the best players in Major League Baseball-well, mostly to the best players in Major League Baseball. In 2016, A.J. Andrews, the former outfielder famous for her diving catches for the LSU Lady Tigers and current professional player for the Houston-based...

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From Saigon to south Louisiana: A former refugee searches for history

April 29, 1975, Saigon. The Viet Cong army has surrounded the capital of U.S.-supported South Vietnam and blocked all major passages out of the country. In the waters over the South China Sea, American Navy officers aboard the command ship USS Blue Ridge spot a helicopter flying low to the water, headed their way. Not one of theirs.

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It’s alive: The fermented food trend grows in Louisiana

There’s nothing like a tall glass of lactobacillus in the morning. So microscopic, so mighty. They’ve been multiplying for the past three weeks, at least, killing off all that other bacteria, and now that they number in the millions, they’re finally ready to hunker down and start colonizing that least pleasant arrangement of internal organs—the gut.

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Off the page: ‘South and West’

A warning sign: “No Hunting of Quadrupeds.” A stark Biloxi lighthouse. Pit vipers and sycamores. A New Orleans pulled from forbidding fairy tales, where “all the king’s men would turn on the king” in a city “dominated by wilderness.” Among these, the impressions captured by famed author Joan Didion of her monthlong travels along the rural Gulf Coast in 1970 employ the same critical eye she has come to be known for, but with an untraditional format that perhaps best suits this departure from...

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Off the page: Save Room for Pie

“You know that expression on a dog’s face,” writes Roy Blount Jr., “as he watches you plop food into his bowl? Everything that’s happened in my life has led up to this moment. That is how I feel, at bottom, about something good to eat.” Believe it or not, those may be some of the most ordinary lines found in the 24-time author’s newest collection of culinary vignettes,

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