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Chrissie Thompson

Reporter, multimedia storyteller

I'm a reporter who is passionate about the power of story in communities. I specialize in connecting with sources, synthesizing creative and complex stories, highlighting personalities and explaining business moves or policy to a wide audience.

Since 2010, I've worked as an automotive reporter for the Detroit Free Press. I covered General Motors during its post-bankruptcy recovery, its initial public offering, the launch of the Chevy Volt and a surprise CEO change. My sourcing allowed our Freep team to break the details of GM's 2011 contract with the UAW, coverage which won a Gerald Loeb Award for breaking news.

I've also worked for Automotive News and the Associated Press. My jobs have included videography/editing, photography/editing, scriptwriting, on-camera reporting, website editing/management, audio gathering/editing and slideshow production. I've blogged, appeared as a radio/TV guest and broken news using Twitter and Facebook.

**Note about clips: For most of my time at the Freep, the newspaper had a policy against jumping stories from 1A. Instead, we wrote a five- or six-inch story for the front page and then directed readers to a full story on the inside. Editors and reporters viewed the entire package as one story.



Experience, multimedia skills, awards, education
About me

Writing / photography

Detroit Free Press
Welcome back, GM

For Detroit, GM's initial public offering -- the largest in world history -- was an endorsement of the decision to bail out the local auto industry.

Detroit Free Press
GM prices common stock at $33 a share ahead of IPO

On the eve of the IPO, the Wall Street Journal and other media reported the government’s stock sale would drop its stake in GM to 26%. My sourcing put the stake at 33%. I stood my ground, and the Free Press was right.

Detroit Free Press
GM and UAW: Deal is a victory for all

The second-day story from our Loeb-winning coverage of GM’s new contract with the UAW. The deal was finalized after 11 p.m., so I rushed to break a handful of contract terms overnight, then learned more details for this story.

Detroit Free Press
Long journey for landing line jobs at Detroit automakers

Why Detroit's unemployed workers aren't likely to get a chance to apply for upcoming auto jobs. This article addresses automakers' referral systems, long honored with a code of silence among auto reporters.

Detroit Free Press
GM's big bet on small Chevy Sonic

During GM’s restructuring, a local plant closed, then reopened to build the smallest car made in the U.S. In this story, I describe the personalities behind GM’s quest to build a high-quality, low-cost subcompact.


Associated Press
Homeless sanctuary - multimedia slideshow

Accompanied a story on the controversy over a church-owned park that welcomed the homeless. I gathered audio and edited the slideshow. Photos by Gail Burton

Automotive News
Maximum Bob's Garage - video

When legendary auto exec Bob Lutz finally retired, Auto News toured his car collection. I shot and edited this video, wrote the script and did on-camera reporting. A tight garage and a tight schedule, but video was a huge hit.

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