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Hello! I am a freelance writer and blogger from Pittsburgh, PA, who specializes in film, history and the history of film. I have written for several sites over the years, including Anglotopia, Listverse, Moviepilot and PopOptiq, while maintaining my own personal weblog, Nothing is Written. I most often write about classic movies. For history, areas of expertise and interest include the American Civil War, Victorian England, Nazi Germany, '60s politics and the life of T.E. Lawrence. I recently started a history column for The Avocado, an arts and entertainment site and discussion group, entitled How We Got Here. I am also working on my first novel and hope to finish it within the next few months.

I believe that art and history are equally important to understanding our society and culture. Both offer a perspective or distance from contemporary events, while offering a framework for analysis and response. I hope that you enjoy my work, and feel free to contact me at groggydundee(at)!



Film & Television

The Avocado
Steven Universe: Why Lapis Lazuli Matters

Discusses the Steven Universe character, Lapis Lazuli, and how her characterization reflects real-world struggles with depression, trauma and domestic abuse.

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