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An academic by training, a writer by passion, and curious by nature, I try to avoid being shackled to a single idea, style, or paradigm. I'm malleable, dynamic, and inquisitive - there isn't an author out there I won't try and emulate, or a theory I won't try and explore, even while keeping my writing (and my voice) mine.

I try and balance my various writing desires in the same way I try to balance my life - I let it come. Having spent time as an academic, an online community content specialist, and an author of short fiction, I have honed my professional abilities. Conversely, having given it all up to go surfing for 2 years, and working with various international, post-development organizations, I see the world from a slightly more grassroots perspective, giving me a casual, accessible, and relevant edge.



The Inertia
Chris "Kikila" Perrin

Growing up in Montreal, surfing was always what people lucky enough to have been born near a coastline did. After scoring a master's degree in cultural history at 33 I picked apples for a while and fled Canada, responsibility, and being land-locked.

Chris "Kikila" Perrin, Author at Underground Reporter

Share510 Tweet Reddit +1 Pin2 ShareTotal Shares 512(UR) Qingdao, China - Solar energy is immediately recognizable as a renewable energy source. In fact, some argue that solar is potentially one of the best sources for alternative energy humans have access to. As with anything, the more people are interested, the more these technologies become widely available.

Social Justice & Philosophy

Fetishes & Fantasy

Quick promotional material. Dang3rAh3ad from Dead Sector Radio hooked me up with this really interesting article that has some fantastic suggestions for navigating the surveillance world. And, considering this is the new reality, I think it's pretty helpful. Let's get into it. Ever hear of Angela Zorich? Maybe not.

Ride Aware Aotearoa

(Title translation: 'The Conservation and Protection of the Mountains to the Sea') Finally, the big stuff. Well, not really. At least it's consistent! Which is a good thing, seeing as I probably wouldn't even bother paddling out if the swells were over 2m.

Speculative Fiction

2113: An Oral History of the Last God
The Three Pillars

Speculative Fiction


Submitted to: Zoteo in Writing, and Canadian Journal of History
Re-Building Shanghai

Towards the Development of a Theory of Metabolic Systems

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