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Chris Matthews

Freelance Journalist

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This Innovative West African Lab Is Turning E-Waste into 3D Printers and Robots

Growing up in the remote, arid terrains of Dapaong in northern Togo, Lalle Nadjagou was always fascinated by technology and design. "In my childhood I used to try and make electronic cars and planes because I would see the airplanes in the sky and think, 'how can a person do that?'" the 22-year-old told me.

BBC News
Could cashless payments make Rwanda's bus conductor redundant?

Rwandan buses are among the first in Africa to switch to cashless payment. Chris Matthews asks what will become of the bus conductor. Snaking through the green streets of Kigali, as a stream of motorbike taxis, known as motos, fly along the hilly roads, the 109 bus is making its familiar route west to the suburb of Gikondo.

The Guardian
Ghana gripped by economic anxiety as election countdown gathers pace

Ghanaians go to the polls in November and will decide whether to give the ruling National Democratic Congress an unprecedented third term or return the New Patriotic party to office after an eight-year hiatus. In 1957, Ghana became the first African country to gain independence.

New Internationalist
A new beginning for economic transformation in Africa?

Government ministers, economists, UN and World Bank officials have stressed the need for diversification from commodities and continent-led economic growth in Africa at a forum in Rwanda this week. Speaking at the African Transformation Forum (ATF) in Kigali Monday, Carlos Lopes, secretary at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, said development models should be more tailored across the continent and emphasized the need for industrialization.

The Guardian
'These are our rights': the paralegals empowering LGBT Ghanaians

It is Saturday morning in Ghana's capital and Abu, founder of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocacy group Solace Brothers Foundation, is on his way to a police station in Accra's city centre. A lesbian couple accused of having a wedding have been attacked by a group and arrested by police.

BBC News
Finding your way in a country without street addresses

In Ghana, finding your way around can be a challenge. Since properties often don't have a house number or name and street signs are rarely visible, local landmarks like bars, banks or even trees are used instead to help people find their way.

Why Ghana Started a Space Program

Julian Bennett, ANUC's space science director, and a team member inspect the newly installed climate-measuring instrument from NASA. Image: Iain Sutherland Plantain sellers, fruit vendors and market stalls line the road as taxis and local tro tro buses dart through the busy high street.

The Guardian
Bugs on the menu in Ghana as palm weevil protein hits the pan

Inside a stone room in a village near the Ghanaian city of Kumasi, Dominic Kyei Manu proudly shows off eight buckets covered in mesh netting where palm weevil larvae are busy feeding. The project is a departure for the 40-year-old cassava and sheep farmer, but he says it is already putting money in his pocket, and a tasty protein on his plate.

The Independent
Ghana's textile trade unravels due to cheap Chinese imports

Isaac Eshun watches closely as reams of newly printed fabrics flow down from the giant rollers overhead, vast sheets of cloth with intricate orange and blue designs tumbling from the factory's whirring machines.

African Business Magazine
Who needs soil?

Soilless aeroponics technology could help provide yam farmers with improved seed, but others insist drawing on indigenous knowledge is the way forward

African Business Magazine
Unblocking African deal flow

A new technology platform hopes to streamline mergers and acquisitions in Africa. An influx of private equity money and rapid economic growth has driven a surge in African mergers and acquisitions in the continent over the past few years.

The Promise of Code in Kenya's Silicon Savannah

Martha Chumo was preparing for an adventure. Her application was complete, the interview a success, crowdfunders had helped with donations and her place on the three-month course was confirmed: Next stop, New York's prestigious Hacker School.

New Internationalist
Clampdown continues on Nigeria's LGBT community

When Goodluck Jonathan etched his presidential signature on the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act last month, indelibly marking all gays and lesbians in Nigeria as criminals, he said it was a reflection of the country's 'beliefs and orientations', but as the clampdown continues, the global voices of dissent grow louder.

London Doesn't Have to Be a 'Hostile Environment' for Immigrants

"I can't wait to come here every Sunday - I feel free," says Bo, a 39-year-old Algerian refugee, as we sit down to chat outside Papa's Community Cafe. Located down a quiet Brixton side street, Papa's has managed to add something new to the area that isn't catering for Brixton's coming waves of gentrifiers.

New Internationalist
'The blood of Ethiopians cries out for justice'

Cries of 'shame on you' rang around Curzon Street in London on 18 November as more than 300 Ethiopians gathered outside the Saudi Arabian Embassy to protest against the treatment of migrant workers in the country.

New Internationalist
Emmanuel Jal: 'Our freedom fighters have become dictators'

'Ask yourself, what can I do as a South Sudanese to make my country better?' asks Emmanuel Jal from the stage of Hackney's Round Chapel Auditorium, during a break from the delirious dancing, hand-clapping and flag-waving that greets the rest of his performance.

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