Chola Chisengalumbwe


Location icon Zambia

I am a part-time copywriter for Iris DDB, a blogger on pop culture for My Pet Atom, and a reader for Granta and Electric Literature.

I'm also an alumnus of the US State Department's Professional Fellows Congress.

I write, I pitch, and I sometimes model user experiences. I travel the world in search of opportunities to dance on other people's tables.

'The Hushness', a novel, is coming to a mass bonfire near you.

Komboni Housewives

Developing and implementing a scalable behaviour change intervention for diarrhoea prevention and treatment for the under-5s, in low-income rural and peri-urban Lusaka Province. Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ), the Zambian Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health and the Ministry of Health (MOH), Absolute Return for Kids (ARK).

The Bulletin & Record

Clippings of film critique and opinions on pop culture.

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Madison Avenue, via North by Northwest

Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest, if you watch it a couple decades late, swaggers across your screen like it personally informed all of your favorite filmmakers and mine. Watch carefully and there's peak Scorsese in there, the Coen brothers at their wiliest, and a little Tarantino when Hitchcock's camera means to smack its lens against the two most dubious faces in a crowded hotel lobby.

Love & Rockets

This rom-com with a habit shoots for the moon and occasionally gets there … but will Netflix keep the lights on?

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