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Web Content Writer, Alexander Moore Partners Ltd.

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Eze Chidimma is a web content writer at Alexander Moore Partners Ltd. where she develops high quality articles by conducting extensive web research in order to gather all relevant and necessary information related to a specific topic.

When not writing, Chidimma enjoys cooking, reading, shopping and spending time with family and friends.

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10+ Unbelievable Facts About Mark Angel Comedy

Comedy is no rocket science. It is simply the business of making people 'forget their sorrows' temporarily through laughter-provoking jokes or satirical sketches especially in theatres, television, films or in recent times, stand-up comedy performances and video skits. Nigeria's comedy industry has made some positive improvements in the recent past with the appearance of companies like Mark Angel Comedy in the scene.

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Laura Jarrett - Bio, CNN Career, Husband, Parents and Other Facts

Having been born into the family of well-educated parents who were very successful in their different careers, it is not in any way a surprise that Laura Jarrett has been able to achieve so much herself. The beautiful American lady is a legal practitioner and also works for the American Cable News Network (CNN) as a political reporter.

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Mary Mouser - Biography, Movies, TV Shows and Other Celebrity Facts

Mary Mouser is among the group of American actresses whose journey to becoming famous began very early in their lives. Just five years after she was born, she landed her first acting role as a photo-double for the character, Bo, the daughter of actor and filmmaker, Mel Gibson in the 2002 science fiction horror film, Signs.

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LeGarrette Blount Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Wiki, Bio

LeGarrette Blount is a professional American running back who currently plays in the National Football League (NFL) for the Philadelphia Eagles. There have been several reasons to discipline Blount throughout his career. Here are the facts of his life including his girlfriend, net worth, height and weight.

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Christine Taylor, Ben Stiller's Wife - Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Kids

Curious about the American actress, Christine Taylor? Well, she is one of Hollywood's most recognizable actresses who is popular for many of her roles in films and television, including the 1998 American romantic comedy film T he Wedding Singer, the 2004 film Dodgeball, the comedy film titled The Brady Bunch (1995) which was followed by A Very Brady Sequel in 1996.

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Elaine Chao, Mitch Mcconnell Wife - Bio, Age, Children, Net Worth

Anyone who had met Elaine Chao in 1961, when she was just eight years old, would never believe that she would grow up to become one of the top figures in the American government. At that time, she had just moved with her family from mainland China to the United States and could speak no English.

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Allen Leech Bio, Is He Gay Or Has A Girlfriend, Married, Height, Body Size

Allen Leech is a sensational Irish actor probably best known for playing the role of Tom Branson on the historical drama series, ' Downton Abbey'. Leech was born in Killiney, County Dublin on May 18, 1981, to the CEO of a computer systems company, David Leech and Kay Leech, a housewife.

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10 Famous Deaf People That Saved The World

Sometimes we tend to think that the world of the disabled is worthless and deserving of underestimation, well, it is not so. Here, you will be startled to discover that some of the people who have made remarkable impacts in the world were either completely or partially deaf.