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Holly Choules

Fashion, art, culture, and lifestyle Writer

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Hi! I'm Holly, an aspiring fashion writer. With a lifelong love of clothing, I am passionate about contemporary and historical fashion movements, whilst remaining aware of current trend forecasts and runways.

When I’m not obsessing over the latest catwalk trends, you’ll find me taking photographs, getting crafty, dancing, and excitedly attending screenings of the newest film releases.


Freelance Writing Contributions

Style Coalesce
Why Is Sustainable Fashion Important? - Style Coalesce

In recent years, the fast fashion industry continues to be under scrutiny. Be it resourcing, production, or recruitment, the entire system raises ethical concerns. More and more of us desire transparency from fashion companies. We want to know what our clothes are made from, how they are made, and who

Style Coalesce
6 Fabulous Fashion Trends for Fall 2019 - Style Coalesce

As the intense heat of summer draws to a close, it's time to get your wardrobe fall ready. At last! The season of cozying up by the fire and treading through crunchy brown leaves is upon us. If you're wondering how to dress fashionably for this time of year, here's a trend analysis featuring six styles predicted to dominate the season.

The Student Room
Enlitened App

I contributed various micro-articles on mental health and wellbeing for their new app. It was targeted towards a student demographic.

Atlas Obscura
Phaya Thaen Public Park

Located in the Phaya Thaen Public Park is a huge toad overlooking the Chi River, warts and all. This peculiar structure is actually home to a five-story museum featuring information on both traditional Thai folklore and animal biology. Expect to see life-size replicas of the different species of toad while reading about Thai mythology and superstitions.

ChicandCultural Blog Posts

Chic and Cultural
8 Fashionable Cult Films to Watch ASAP

Now I can't lie, if I'm watching a film and the on screen ensembles are amazing, I will tend to like it just a little bit more. That's even if other important qualities like score and plot and, you know, character develo...

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