Cheryl Davies

Professional writer, copywriter and editor ready for the next step!

A highly creative, dedicated, honest and self-motivated individual, with strong, transferable experience gained within key roles requiring excellent written communication, client, consultative, marketing, analytical, research and support skills. Focused upon delivering work of the highest professional standards to ensure the completion of all tasks and assignments to deadline, ensuring that I meet or exceed expectations of quality. Consistently demonstrates the ability to provide effective assistance to clients and co-workers, while maintaining a "can-do", positive attitude to challenges. Possesses excellent communication skills and can consult professionally at all levels. Eager to learn and develop within a new, challenging role that makes best use of my existing knowledge while enabling ongoing professional development as a writer and editor. A passionate book lover, and fan of art & design, I incorporate strong aesthetic senses into my work.

Why do you need me? Because I have an eclectic mix of experience, from designing and writing copy for my own e-commerce site, to academic research, creative writing, editing and social media marketing. My educational background includes a BA in psychology (minor: sociology) and a highly-esteemed postgraduate creative writing program, where I was mentored by a well-known Canadian author while developing an original manuscript. I’m someone who’s focused on maintaining integrity in my professional and personal life. I'm a good balance of left- and right-brained and my strengths reflect this. I remain focused and calm in fast-paced environments and excel at whatever I agree to take on, always aiming to produce work that I feel proud to put out into the world. I have the ability to see both the bigger picture as well as the smaller, but no less important, details. I welcome learning experiences; having worked solely as a freelancer, I'm now ready to take on a new and exciting challenge as part of a talented team.

Skills: Writing, editing (proofreading, copyediting), WordPress, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Goodreads, Hootsuite), blogging, Mac OS, Microsoft Office, HTML (basic), Google AdWords and Analytics, Photoshop (basic), research/analysis, and e-mail.

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A writer's life

Writing burrowed itself into a chamber in my heart, building underwater castles and princesses to live in them, when I was around seven years old. This world of words has lived with me now for over two decades, present and resolute, though I denied it for most of that time.

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My personal blog. Designed myself though it's underdeveloped at the moment due to lack of time.