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In honour of Diana Ross, can we reclaim the word "diva"?

Cheri Percy Some forty five years since she first left The Supremes and established herself as a leading solo artist, Diana Ross remains one of the greatest women in soul history. Yet despite her much lauded career accolades, there's often a hue of unease surrounding the icon.


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Interview | Body Head, In Conversation with Kim Gordon

Since the tentative first steps into her noise-rock legacy – originating in ‘80s grunge juggernaut Sonic Youth – Kim Gordon has manned a consistent flurry of creative channels and respective counter-projects, from her producing stint on Hole’s debut LP to her longstanding love affair with contemporary art.

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Feature | I Want Scandi

Björk once remarked, “If teenagers in Iceland are young and angry, they don’t form punk bands – they write poetry.” Fitting for an artist who has produced some of the most innovative recordings of the last 20 years. But Iceland’s Scandinavian neighbours, in all their sweeping, pastoral glory, have really taken this sentiment to heart, producing masterful pop band after pop band, who, with a recent influx of slinky grooves and pithy lyricism, have topped the charts globally

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Pioneer | Janet Weiss

Janet Weiss has received the customary British welcome. The heavens have opened for her arrival, and we’re clamouring for shelter under the rickety outdoor seating of East London’s Cargo.


I Went to an Alice Cooper Gig With My Mom, and We Were Not Worthy

I've always known my mom was an Alice Cooper superfan. Growing up, while other friends' parents might've had the raspy croon of Rod Stewart spinning on the record player or Cliff Richard's latest calendar hung by the kitchen sink, my mom would be making her way around the food market with Cooper, leather-clad and nursing a snake, printed across her canvas shopping bag.

The 405
The 405 Review: Sørveiv Festival 2017

You know what the Nordics do well? Aside from the ardent gender equality policies and all that cosy candle nonsense: pitch. A staggeringly expansive vocal pitch. Think Jónsi's flawless falsetto or Susanne Sundfør's pure, far-reaching range. Copenhagen trio, Irah channel some of that impressive vocal expanse through Stine Grøn.

Lemuria's "Recreational Hate" Gives Us Humanity In Times Of Global Madness: BUST Review

"I'm not saying it's your fault. This year has been harsh," Lemuria sings on their new album Recreational Hate (Turbo Worldwide). And they're not wrong. It's been a tumultuous year for so many of us and somehow - in between the global madness of firearms and saying farewell to some huge heavyweights - we've clung on like weather-beaten barnacles.

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