Charyse Watson

Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist

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Social butterfly turned Twitter fingers. Serial comma advocate.


Social Media

09/01/2017 Social Media Samples

Samples from my work as a Social Media Coordinator at Boats Group - Samples show organic and promoted post samples.

Fresh Diet Social Media and Content Portfolio

A collection of some of my work from my previous positions as Marketing Assistant and Social Media Manager at Fresh Diet. This collection includes social media posts which I planned, collaborated with graphic designers for imagery, wrote content and captions, and posted. It also contains my writing samples of marketing materials such as articles, direct mailers, and emails.

Social Media Portfolio 2015

Social media samples from my positions at Enterprise Holdings, Sex S.Y.M.BA.L.S., and Aya Arts & Media.

Published Articles - Print and Web

Jerk Magazine
Rotten Apple

Apple lacks diverse emojis page 22

Her Campus
Midterm Survival Guide

It's that time already-- midterm week is here(cue horror movie scream). For freshman, these may be your first major college exams, but now isn't the time to get hysterical. If you have already taken a smaller test or quiz in the class, you know the type of answers your professor looks for and how he or she grades, which can be really helpful.

Press Releases

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