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Charmaine Griffin is a professional writer and editor. Her work has been published on Flaunt, Blavity, Flowertown, ControlForever, Ravishly and more.



Flaunt Magazine
Kimberly Drew | Lord, Grant That We May Always Desire More Than Can Be Accomplished

While countless interns were cataloguing Getty photos of the best-dressed celebrity looks from the annual Spring Met Gala, a then 25-year-old Kimberly Drew was working their dream job, as social media manager for the Met. But her spirited energy and girl-next-door warmth make the kind of person you can't help but root for, even if there's a fair bit of envy mixed in.

The Kanye Effect: A Timeline Of Creativity to Psychosis | Control FOREVER

"Sometimes you have to get rid of everything" -Kanye West Ye... Yeezy... Yeezus... Kanye To Tha West... "Is Mr. West in the building?"... to MAGA hat wearing Trump supporter... and possibly the most hated celebrity living right now. This year has been an interesting one for the hip-hop legend.

Los Angeles Travel Magazine
The Hidden Gem of Boracay

Arriving to Boracay was a mix of excitement and nerves. After a quick 3 hour flight from South Korea I was ready to hit the ground running and landing at Kalibo International Airport was only the beginning of the journey. Once there, hundreds of travelers were corralled into giant charter buses to travel 45 minutes south to Caticlan Jetty Port. The Jetty Port’s darkness at 1 a.m. was my magical teleportation device to Boracay island.


Sipping Sunshine
How to Set Boundaries - Sipping Sunshine

Keeping and maintaining boundaries can be one of the hardest tasks as an adult. You want to be there for everyone, do everything, and also be "nice" while somehow maintaining your mental sanity. Some of us learn the hard way that this balance is damn near impossible if you don't learn to say the words "no."

Simple Steps for Living Life Simply

"The greatest step toward a life of simplicity is to learn to let go" - Steve Maraboli Life is constantly one big to-do list. Taking the kids to school, getting on time to work and somehow squeezing in a much needed gym session are only the tip of the iceberg.

A Quick Guide to Building Your First Capsule Wardrobe

"So in fact, narrowing down our choices means less overwhelm, and more creativity." ― Courtney Carver, Simple Ways to be More with less A capsule wardrobe is one of the easiest ways to build a closet that reflects your true identity.

Ravishly | Media Company
How To Have Beyonce Level Confidence On A Thrift Store Budget

"Yaassss, Queen!" That's the first thing we think of when we see Beyonce step on stage. Her energy is magnetic, and it makes everyone watching want to flip their hair from side to side with their hands on their hips. "But I'm average, and I don't have a million dollar wardrobe budget or glam squad," you might say.

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