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Drink Driving Statistics Australia in Numbers 2017

Drink driving fatalities have consistently shown high numbers, especially for the past five years. Today, we discuss more on the drink driving statistics Australia 2017 reports. Years before 1987, there are over 100 fatalities each year who had a BAC greater than the legal limit of 0.05.

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Doing Business in the Philippines

The anticipated growth in international visitor arrivals and domestic travel movements is expected to bring about a corresponding increase in capacity requirements and demand for new products, facilities and services, thus paving the way for local and foreign investment opportunities.

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Indoor Air Pollution: The Unknown Dangers

You might think of your home as the safest place from air pollution but you are wrong. According to the World Health Organization, around 3 billion people still cook and warm their homes using open fires and stoves that use solid fuel such as coal or wood.

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How to Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality When You Have Pets

Australia has one of the pet ownership rates globally. That's about eight million pet owners of mostly cats and dogs. Pets have become an integral part of Australian homes. Recent studies confirm that owning a pet is good for both your physical and mental health as it encourages...

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What is Amphetamine? Effects of Amphetamine in the Workplace

Recent reports revealed Victoria as the amphetamine capital of Australia with nearly 400% increase in confiscated drugs[1]. The alarming figures show no sign of slowing down as arrests for amphetamine-related crimes rose to 11,000 in the past year. Likewise, amphetamine-related treatment cases also saw a sharp incline.

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Boy Abunda: The Good Son (1/2)

A lifestyle feature on Philippine celebrity Boy Abunda on his humble beginnings and how his mother was a huge part of his success.

The Manila Bulletin
Boy Abunda: The Good Son (2/2)

A lifestyle feature on Philippine celebrity Boy Abunda on his humble beginnings and how his mother was a huge part of his success.

The Manila Bulletin
Kill the Lights, Save the Planet

In 2004, the World Wide Fund organization in Australia (WWF Australia) started a small activity aimed at significantly reducing energy consumption. It partnered with advertising agency Leo Burnett in Sydney to find a way to engage and encourage Australians to take responsibility for...

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Workplace Hazards: 94 Australian Workers Killed at Work since New Year

Transport, postal, and warehousing have emerged as the most unsafe industries to date. Alarming figures[1] continue to increase but employers have available options to reduce workplace hazards and minimise risks. Reports from Safe Work Australia revealed a total of 94 fatalities in the workplace as of June 29 of this year.

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Illicit Drug Use on Farms

Illicit drug use may be a more serious problem in Australia's outback than it is in the big cities. The use of illicit drugs in safety-critical industries such as mining and construction has always been a topic of discussion. However, rarely has it been discussed in industries such as farming.

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When can I drive after drinking? How long after drinking until you can drive

When you have to ask yourself "When can I drive after drinking?", it's probably a good indication that you aren't okay to drive. Here's how to find out when you can drive after drinking. Research shows that two out of five Australians underestimate their blood alcohol content (BAC).

The Largest IT Event in the Country Returns for its 14th Year

(This is a press release from Youth Congress on Information Technology) Committed as an enabling event for today's youth, the Youth Congress on Information Technology (Y4iT) returns for its 14th year on September 27, 28, and 29 at the SMX Convention Center Manila. The three-day congress, which has been at the forefront of information technology-gathering events in the country, is once again expected to gather more than 20,000 ...

Youth Congress on Information Technology is back

(This is a press release from Youth Congress on Information Technology) Are you a techie? The country's biggest information technology event is ready to soar to greater heights as the Youth Congress on Information Technology (Y4iT), organized by the UP System Information Technology Foundation (UPSITF), returns for its 13 year on September 9 to 11 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

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Drug Testing in the Workplace: Advantages and Disadvantages

Drug testing in the workplace remains a controversial topic even though it's been in existence for years now. Employees insist that drug testing violates their right to privacy, whereas employers assert that they have the right to ensure workplace safety by enforcing a drug testing policy.

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