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English Language and Linguistics student

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An aspiring journalist, I am currently studying MA Multimedia Journalism in Manchester. Using, I am aiming to build up my portfolio of articles and reviews in preparation for a potential career in journalism.

A perspective of the US Presidential election from Manchester

When the political candidates for the 2016 election first announced their campaigns, it was never anticipated that the United States would wind down to two such varied and controversial opponents. With neither of the candidates being without some history of scandal, the country has been somewhat divided in the decision of who will take the presidency for the commencing term.

Watch: Manchester's 15th annual International Tattoo Convention

Watch our full report on the Manchester International Tattoo Show: First arriving in Manchester in 2001, 2016 marks the 15th consecutive year of the Manchester Tattoo Convention. Hosted at Manchester Central, this event brought artists and musicians from across the globe, giving the people of Manchester a huge variety of things to see and buy.

The Tab Manchester
Things you'll know if you grew up in Hull

If you are to ever venture far enough into the East side of Yorkshire, you will come across the city of Kingston Upon Hull and, as the saying most famously states, you'll never have a dull time in Hull.

The Tab Manchester
House burgled on Victoria Road

It was broken into in the early hours of Sunday morning The break in occurred between 1am-2am whilst its residents were all in bed. There was minimal damage during the break in, and it is believed that the intruder entered the house through swiping the front door lock.

Soundsphere magazine
Interview: Frank Iero

Former My Chemical Romance axeman Frank Iero took some time out to talk to Dom Smith at Soundsphere about his work with frnkiero andthe cellabration. S] So to start off, how does it feel to be in Leeds? Obviously it's quite a small venue tonight, and you'll be used to different styles of venues and...

Soundsphere magazine
Album Review: Brawlers - 'The Romantic Errors Of Our Youth'

Who said romance is dead? Certainly not up and coming punk-rockers, Brawlers, who have just made a noisy return to the music scene with brand new album, 'The Romantic Errors Of Our Youth'. A relatively new band to the scene, Brawlers first arose in 2013, and have most certainly left a lasting impression on their...

Soundsphere magazine
Album Review: Coal Chamber - 'Rivals'

It has finally happened. After a lengthy 13-year absence, Coal Chamber have made their grand return to the music scene with new album, 'Rivals'. This come-back is most certainly what you'd call long awaited, and 'Rivals' more than proves that the cult Californian alt-metallers can still blow the minds - and ears, for that matter...

Soundsphere magazine
Live Review: The Qemists [The Key Club, Leeds] March 8, 2015

We're in the futuristic year of 2015, and long gone are the days were rock bands religiously comply with the traditional guitar and drums set up. Along with the invention of techno came something much bigger - throw in some turntables and electricity to an already promising rock band, and you have yourselves a little...

Soundsphere magazine
EP Review: Zoax - 'Is Everybody Listening?'

Who said rock is dead? 2015 has arrived, bringing with it fresh new music opportunities for the rock and metal world. A large part of this arrival comes in the form of London - based heavy rockers, Zoax, who have brought with them their long awaited new EP, 'Is Everybody Listening?'

Blind Eye @ Fibbers

Blind Eye weren't there to simply perform a few covers, however. They stormed out a number of original pieces of progressive indie-rock. One of their stand out original tracks was Set Me Free, a song that was an immediate crowd pleaser - not only from Joey Leyland's drum style (which certainly gave the crowd something to bang their heads to) but his ambient backing vocals harmonizing with Daniel's.

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