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Chloe Barker - Content Strategy Consultancy
Why storytelling works

With Christmas comes the magical touch of stories being told all over the world. Parents tuck their children into bed telling stories of Santa Claus and his helpers. However, parents are not the only ones telling stories, marketers know that storytelling works just as well in business too - especially if you want to get the imagination flowing. | Content Strategy & Business |

Chloe Barker - Content Strategy Consultancy
Content Marketing Jargon - what are they really saying?

The language of content When entering a new industry getting to grips with new ‘language’ and terminology can sometimes be overwhelming. Content marketing is no different. New words are constantly emerging and many are borrowed from the general marketing and journalism sectors. Below are a selection with definitions to help you get started:

Chloe Barker - Content Strategy Consultancy
5 Reasons your business needs social media

1 in 4 people actively use social media. Granted it can sometimes feel like a playground of cat memes, failed videos, and a Game of Thrones quizzes but 59% of UK Twitter account holders use it to follow brands.

Chloe Barker - Content Strategy Consultancy
The importance of combining culture with content

Understanding your audience. One of the key steps in any successful campaign is identifying your audience – know who they are and where and how your content fits into their daily life. The best way of doing this is by creating customer personas, or a detailed profile of the different customer types that might access your content. | Beauty, Food & Lifestyle |

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Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver Review

With my hair I don't like it to look too "done" basically 99% of the time it looks like I haven't brushed my hair. But seriously, I have a love/hate relationship with my locks, I vowed never to have it cut again after I went for a trim and left with shoulder length hair.

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Green Monster Smoothie

As you will probably guess by now, I can't get enough of smoothies - I crave them! I am not really much of a morning person so having one of these green smoothies is a must to get me up and raring to go.

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Life: Brighton

Since moving to London I have been craving the sea air and seeing as Brighton is only an hour or so away we decided to pack up the tent and go camping. It was so cheap working out at around £15 pounds for the night in a very nice campsite that was in a great location - just a short walk to the marina.

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May Favourites

I haven't done a monthly favourites in a long time, as I hadn't really used anything different than what I had used in previous favourites. However, in May I found myself doing a bit of retail therapy and have found some lovely products on the way. | Fashion Articles |

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