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Charlotte Farrell

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Digital Editor at LOCALE Magazine. Issues published in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and Palm Springs.


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Food for Thought

Discussing the Future of Food With Amy Scattergood

Locale Magazine
Cover Story - Mark Hamill

Star Wars Legend Mark Hamill Talks the Past, the Present, and What's on the Horizon

Locale Magazine
Cover Story - Ross Mathews

Between Cheering on the Seahawks and Working the Red Carpet, Ross Mathews Shows No Signs of Stopping

Locale Magazine
School of Fish

When Life Threw Chef Andy Matsuda a Curveball, He Didn't Let it Stop Him

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13 Instagrams Our LA Editor Is All About in January - Locale Magazine

Written By: Charlotte Farrell LA Editor Whenever I think I know everything about LA, I am pleasantly proven wrong via a plethora of newly minted Instagrams that make me question my knowledge about the City of Angels. But who am I kidding? LA is constantly evolving.

Locale Magazine
8 LA Coffee Shops Close Enough to Roll Out of Bed For - Locale Magazine

Photo By: Victoria Filice Written By: Charlotte Farrell No matter how you prepare the night before-laying out your outfit, avoiding screens, nixing sweets past 7 p.m.-that alarm goes off and you are clawing for the snooze button because you think those five extra minutes will make it less miserable to 'rise and shine.'

Locale Magazine
7 Places to Grab Some Pizza in LA - Locale Magazine

Written By: Charlotte Farrell This time of year, ditch the pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pies and pumpkin everything else and go for something that brings joy all year round: PIZZA. Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays just as much as the next gal, but when the stuffing, turkey, ham and mashed potatoes gets old, pizza is always there to pick me back up from my "holly jolly" food-coma.

Locale Magazine
I Got to Hang With a Real Penguin in LA-And You Can Too - Locale Magazine

Written By: Charlotte Farrell Photographed By: Marco Carpanini Penguin Experience Long Beach Aquarium Between Happy Feet and March of the Penguins , the early 2000s were all about penguin awareness. Our hearts broke watching the effects of global warming and pollution-caused by none other than ourselves-on the dwindling populations of our favorite feathered friends.

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Our Editor Found 8 Things for You to Do This Month in LA - Locale Magazine

Written By: Charlotte Farrell July events in LA If you're anything like me, making plans is not your forte. I'm the kind of person who waits until the last minute, hears about something cool happening in two hours and is surprised when I find out there aren't any tickets left.

Locale Magazine
Find Out How You Can Nama-Slay in Long Beach - Locale Magazine

Written By: Charlotte Farrell Ra Yoga Long Beach Forget that "Nama-stay in bed" nonsense, because your favorite yoga spot is adding a new location to their lineup. RA Yoga is opening a fourth spot in Long Beach, bringing their unique brand of "Om" closer to Angelenos, and we are eagerly awaiting with mats in hand and every shade of leggings in line for the inaugural class.

Locale Magazine
5 Beauty Treatments to Get Ready for Spring Selfies - Locale Magazine

Written By: Charlotte Farrell DermFx Beauty Treatments Spring is around the corner, which means family photos for Easter, shorter dresses and more sun. If you're like the majority of those who hide from the cold underneath layers of clothes, your skin has probably lost its glow and your hair has been lacking the 'oomph' you love to flaunt during the warmer months.

Locale Magazine
Let a "Top Chef" Star Cook You Dinner on March 5 - Locale Magazine

Written By: Charlotte Farrell Strand House Manhattan Beach The world of fine cuisine and the culinary arts is a hard one to break into. Unless you are in "the know," gaining access to exclusive soirées or waiting months to get in that super-luxe restaurant is daunting.

Locale Magazine
7 Desert Home Decor Shops That'll Channel Your Inner Chip and Joanna Gaines - Locale Magazine

Photo Sourced from Revivals Stores Instagram Written By: Charlotte Farrell Best Palm Springs Home Decor It's easy when redecorating your space to slip into the abyss of online shopping, or fleeing to a department store to find some kind of inspo. Unfortunately, that can steer you more in the direction of conventional instead of individualized and unique.

Locale Magazine
9 LA Rooftop Pools You Need to Experience

Written by: Charlotte Farrell 4 LA Night Swims You Need to Know About Unless you have been living under a rock, you know how hot Los Angeles can be. When your AC is on the fritz and you can no longer bear the heat, it's time to grab your swimsuit, your friends and your favorite sunnies for a dip into the cool waters of one of the following LA rooftop pools.

Locale Magazine
7 New Hotels in SoCal That Will Make You Pack Your Bags ASAP - Locale Magazine

Written By: Charlotte Farrell New Hotels Southern California The luxury-style, intimate hotel in the Century Corridor is the perfect place to rest your weary head before an early morning takeoff. The H Hotel is a part of the massive LAX expansion that is happening at the moment, and don't expect the usual airport hotel.

Locale Magazine
A Guide to Making Mother's Day in Los Angeles Extra Special - Locale Magazine

Written By: Charlotte Farrell Mother's Day Los Angeles She brought you into this world, changed your diapers, sent you to school every day with a brown bag filled with a peanut butter jelly sandwich and a Capri Sun, and did just about every other behind-the-scenes thing involved with making you the person you are today.

Locale Magazine
7 Places in Los Angeles to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo - Locale Magazine

Written By: Charlotte Farrell Cinco De Mayo Los Angeles As the saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers." Well, fortunately for the margarita-lovers out there, April also brings tequila, tacos, and guac! And the cherry on top? This year's Cinco de Mayo falls on a Friday, and those working for the weekend can rejoice!

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In the Round

The Best Pizza in Newport Beach

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Vive La Cuisine!

Charlotte Farrell | Photo: Michael Balderas | April 7, 2014 With local favorite Farmhouse Café recently closed, San Diegans are missing that April in Paris pied a terre. But fret not Francophiles, here's a list of our favorite French eateries to fill the void. Bust out that French dictionary! 1.

Hip Hop

Who says Easter is just for kids? Evidently not that guy who sang about the magnificence of a new ribbon-frilled Easter bonnet. We love a crooner who compels us to go shopping. But we also treasure the holiday as family time (and not just because we call first dibs on the Sees' Candy divinity eggs tucked into the kids' Easter baskets).

Just the Ticket

Charlotte Farrell | Photo: Courtesy of The Museum of Photographic Arts | February 7, 2014 February marks the 25th anniversary of Museum Month , with 44 locations across S.D. offering a little bit of everything-from pirates to paintings to big blooming protea-at half-off admission.


"Begin as you mean to go on," goes the old adage, so we've been dedicating our January to cultivating new habits for better living. Sometimes this means escaping for a day (or three) for a spa or wellness retreat (I know... I know... We're tough on ourselves). From the wilds of L.A.

Love Bites

For a Valentine's meal a deux, we're craving romance, romance, romance-by which we mean stunning views, jewel box décor, or that je ne sais quois factor that makes a restaurant truly special. So forget chocolates and flowers (well, maybe not entirely), and make reservations! Where? Read on.

Father Knows Best

Dear old dad... Too often relegated to the family sidelines. But Father's Day is your chance to change all that. With Sunday, June 15, fast approaching (did you learn your make-reservations lesson this past Mother's Day?), we present our choice list of prime locales to pamper the man in your life.

All Booked Up

Time to fill in the blanks on your new 2014 calendar with some exciting events that will satisfy a range of resolutions. Whether you wish to broaden your cultural knowledge, achieve optimal health or just listen to some good tunes, here are 5 options that are just too good to miss!

Lights, Camera, Glam!

Its Oscars season! March 2, the biggest night in Hollywood, is fast approaching, and the question is-are you ready? Catch up on the contenders, then get dolled up to cheer on your fave celebs and industry leaders at some of S.D.'s swankiest hotspots. Here are our favorite Oscar events around town.

The Mane Event

We can't all wake up with the tresses of a Victoria's Secret model... Or can we? The biggest thing in the hair universe since Rachel's shag has finally hit S.D. Read on for the answer to all your hair woes. Yes, ladies: the blow dry bar.

Work It Out

Strayed from your resolution to tone up? It's never too late to get back on track, and there is no better motivation than a new outfit. We know your old gym shorts will be hard to part with, but the following fitness apparel brands will put them to shame. Read on!

Going Au Naturel

At this time of year, our thoughts turn to spring cleaning. And while that definitely means giving our homes a top to bottom scour, it also means checking in with our health and making tweaks to feel in our prime. For that, besides scheduling an annual appointment with our doc, we're into natural remedies and S.D.

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