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I started my professional writing journey at 15 years old as a staff writer for Teen Star— a segment of the Kansas City Star newspaper written by local youth, for local youth. My extensive writing experience has since varied from: news and entertainment, short & feature length screenplays, music video treatments, biographies, closed captioning, website content, 50,000+ word book manuscripts, book proposals/chapter outlines, press releases etc.

I've included several writing samples, displaying an assortment of styles, as a way to show that I am a chameleon when it comes to my craft. I am capable of writing in my own unique voice, or with a tone that is catered to a specific audience. Social media posts, blog features, professional documents...I am undoubtedly capable of penning it all! Please find several writing samples below and contact [email protected] for inquiries.


Articles/Blog Postings

5 Signs He's Only Looking For Help, Not Love

Relationships are about give and take, but if you're doing all of the giving, it may finally be time to pen a "Dear John" letter and leave it on his nightstand. Well, technically your night stand s...

Mega Group Online
Rolling Background Checks Are On the Rise

Background checks in the workplace are no longer exclusive to potential new hires. According to Bloomberg, the screening industry has seen recent explosive growth in background checks for existing workers. In light of the ongoing #MeToo movement-which spread virally last year demonstrating the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace-employers have...

Charli Seals
Are You In Denial About Social Media-Stalking Your EX?

Sometimes we want that old thing back, and that's okay! But when you find yourself following your ex's every move on social media, and sometimes in real life (we don't judge), it's time to face to ...

11 Of The Shadiest Disney Moments Of All Time

"I'm not really a big fan of Disney," said no one ever! Why? Because Disney has some of of the best music and stories ever written! But with the enticement of great books, movies, theme parks and...

Miss A® | Charity Meets™ Style.
Fashion Meets Fitness With Hollywood Trainer Jordan P. Vappie's Tips For Summer

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Ghosting Has Crept Its Way into the Workplace

In what is considered to be the hottest job market in decades, HR managers can now add 'ghosting' to their growing list of headaches during, and oftentimes, after the recruiting and hiring process. Ghosting is when a job candidate or new hire disappears with no explanation-and surprisingly, millennials aren't the only ones guilty of this....

Website & EPK Content/ Design

Hot Stiletto Foundation - Social Shoe Club

The Annual Stiletto gala seeks to raise awareness of domestic violence and aims to support the transition of abused women. We combine stilettos and community service to empower women to stand tall! Our motto is "We can conquer anything, just do it in cute shoes!" The events bring endless fun and entertainment.

Candid Career Girl
Candid Career Girl

Candid Career Girl offers an effective, unique approach to career guidance and professional development through captivating, yet informative blog content, podcasts, professional consulting, and bona fide advice from our community of like-minded career women!

Lauren Chase Music

Passionate, sultry, and outright gifted are just a few words to describe Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Lauren Chase. Packing a background as authentic as it is innovative, the songstress always knew she was born to entertain, and at the tender age of five, she proved her star power after taking the stage at a holiday pageant, and wooing the entire crowd. She fell in love with music before she could even speak, and although a musical career wasn’t initially what her parents had in...


Web Series/Film

Web series
The Nikki Chronicles - Pilot

After being fired from her waitressing job (of all things), a struggling actress starts smoking pot with her stoner roommates, and gets a new perspective on life.

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