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Financial Times
Technology hope for African farmers

In Africa, a start-up scene is taking shape, capable of lifting millions out of poverty by transforming the continent's largest industry: agriculture. The African continent contains more than a quarter of the world's arable land, and farming contributes 15 per cent of its total gross domestic product, equivalent to $100bn a year, according to consultancy McKinsey.

The National
Somaliland's world-leading move towards a cashless culture

Abdul Rashid has sold sweet Somali tea on the muddy streets of Hargeisa for decades. As night falls in the capital of breakaway Somaliland and worshipers flood out of the mosque, a handful congregate around his rickety table.

The National
Rwandan President Paul Kagame condemns 'inflexible' leaders who resort to violence

Longstanding Rwandan President Paul Kagame has criticised "inflexible" modern leaders who resort too quickly to violence against their own citizens, while in the UAE on Wednesday. On Tuesday, Mr Kagame addressed the World Government Summit, where Rwanda is the guest country, and a day later the Milken Institute Mena Summit, which bring together leaders in politics and business to discuss the state of the world.

The National
Emmerson Mnangagwa: US should have removed Zimbabwe sanctions 'yesterday'

The US should have lifted economic sanctions against Zimbabwe earlier, the African country's president said, as he seeks to fix a broken economy and attract international investment. "We feel that we are almost two decades behind in terms of development as a result of economic sanctions that have been imposed on us," Emmerson Mnangagwa told The National in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

Financial Times
Samsung blazes a trail adapting for the African market

Samsung has suffered a torrid 12 months including the recall last autumn of its fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 handset and the arrest of its acting head, Lee Jae-yong, on bribery allegations in February. Even so, South Korea's largest conglomerate has had a good run in Africa.

The National
DP World investment boosts Somaliland's push for sovereignty

DP World's $442 million expansion of Berbera port in Somaliland will put the breakaway state on the path to formal independence from Somalia, its president has said. The Horn of Africa state declared independence in 1991, when Somali president Mohamed Siad Barre fell and Somalia erupted into chaos.

The Caravan
India Shrugged

An Ayn Rand cult that never took off

The National
ISIS re-emergence in Iraq likely unless social grievances resolved, says head of Canada anti-ISIS...

ISIS is likely to re-emerge in Iraq unless the grievances that birthed it are resolved by the country's new government, the general in charge of Canada's anti-ISIS operations told The National. In an exclusive interview on Tuesday General Colin Keiver said the long-term defeat of ISIS hinged on jobs, infrastructure and the provision of basic services such as water and power to Iraq's war-scarred population.

The National
Nigeria elections observers warn of fraud ahead of Saturday's vote

With the sudden, last-minute postponement of Nigeria's election to Saturday, the opportunities for electoral skulduggery have only grown. Africa's largest economy has a long history of poll violence, as it swung between democratic and military rule after independence from Britain in 1960.

Financial Times
Precision farming will feed the world the green way

With the world population set to reach nearly 10bn by 2050, higher agricultural yields will be needed to meet the demand for food - just as the likely effects of climate change intensify. Fortunately, both challenges can be addressed by precision farming, which ensures that each plant gets just the right amount of water and fertiliser for maximum yield.

Portfolio Magazine (Emirates Airlines)
Vertu's Demise (PDF)

Charlie Mitchell examines the rise and fall of the luxury handset maker.

African Business Magazine
Egyptians feel the brunt of austerity drive

Hassan, a vegetable trader in Egypt's economic capital Cairo, can no longer get his produce at a stable price. With the recent fuel price hike increasing transportation costs, his distributors have doubled their prices. Meanwhile his customers are bartering with him to spend less on their vegetables.

Portfolio Magazine (Emirates Airlines)
Paris Rising (PDF)

Charlie Mitchell explores the booming high-end property market in the French capital.

African Business Magazine
Indian healthcare taps the African market

In mid-February the world's heaviest woman left her home in Alexandria, Egypt, for the first time in 24 years, boarding a plane to India for a sleeve gastrectomy at Saifee Hospital in Mumbai.

Post-Brexit UK set for £15bn deficit

A report published Tuesday by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) says the government faces a giant budget hole if a hard Brexit hinders growth and sinks tax revenues. The think-tank's forecast of a £14.9bn deficit by 2019-20 assumes the UK will be paying no EU budget contributions at that point.

Sun fans flames of xenophobia with Calais distortions

Trevor Kavanagh, former Sun political editor and current IPSO board member, wrote in the tabloid on Monday: "Home Office figures show two out of three of those elbowing their way to the front of the queue from Calais are lying about their age." Kavanagh's comments are inaccurate and misleading.

Brexit fears grow in UK aviation industry

Following an unsatisfactory meeting with Brexit secretary David Davis and aviation minister Tariq Ahmad last week, aviation bosses are growing increasingly concerned about Brexit. According to Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary, the government's "mildly lunatic optimism" risks the industry being "walked off a cliff".

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