Charlene Irani

Copywriter & Editor

Location icon United States of America

Hi there! After majoring in English and Public Relations, I've been able to create high-quality, written content for different outlets, some of which you can find here! These samples showcase the range of my writing and might give you insight into what I can offer. Please feel free to shoot me an email if you're in need of some "wordsmithing"!

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Bouncin Pixel
3D Characters Light Up an Energy Client

This article I wrote for Bouncing Pixel gives readers a clear road map of how the studio approaches animation, without them falling into a rabbit hole of technical jargon.

Hogman Outdoors
The Hunter Becomes the Hunted in Off Season

This is definitely one of the more challenging topics I've had to write about, but I'm sure it will prove that I can adapt my writing style and voice for a client's purposes.

Bouncing Pixel
Houston, We Have Halftime

In this article I explain how Bouncing Pixel helped optimize a site they built in order to accommodate increased visitor traffic during Superbowl LI.

Bouncing Pixel
Bouncing Pixel's People

Here are some employee profiles I wrote up for the Bouncing Pixel website, to show clients that even though we're professionals, we don't take ourselves too seriously.

IABC Coogs Chat with the Pros.

Here's a blog post covering a Q&A session with some industry pros and Communication students at the University of Houston.

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