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I am an energetic editor and writer with six years of professional experience. I've written and edited anything from blog posts and news articles to website content and novels. I enjoy editing and writing about all topics. As the saying goes, the more the merrier!



Movara Fitness Resort
The Movara Model: Motivation - Movara Fitness Resort

The second your alarm goes off, you begin chanting that motivational speech in your head. This is the day you're going to start being healthy. You are going to wave your Ziploc bag of strawberries at the office vending machine as you walk right passed.

Movara Fitness Resort
The Movara Model: Weight Loss - Movara Fitness Resort

Do you remember the first time you learned numbers go on forever? If you were like most kids, you probably tried to imagine-and even count a few times-how big those numbers could get. You would add more and more zeros until the number didn't even have a name anymore, and the sheer size of it overwhelmed you.
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Written for the Blooming Twig: Books that Matter blog
Generation Z

When it comes to spending time on the internet and internet safety, Generation Z is not the generation people should be concerned about. As it turns out, Generation Z is actually more cautious about putting personal information on social media than most other generations, especially the Millennials. Generation Z has grown up with social media—never lived without it, and things the Millennials had to discover about the internet through trial and error are just common sense to Generation Z.


Movara Fitness Resort
Have to - Should - Want to - Movara Fitness Resort

The reason why some people struggle with exercise: You know you should exercise and, because you've told yourself you should, you feel like a failure when you don't exercise. The answer to the struggle with exercise: You don't have to, you get to! Don't exercise to lose weight!

Movara Fitness Resort
Why HIIT is Beneficial - Movara Fitness Resort

H igh Intensity Interval Training has gotten a lot of good talk over the past several years, but just like anything else, too much of even a good thing isn't good anymore. When something is good, we for some reason feel like more is better.
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