Chared Verschuur-Ballo

journalist and communications specialist

Multimedia, multiplatform journalist, writer and communications professional. My passion lies in telling stories, working with words and finding the best platform to communicate information.

I write about European knowledge and technology transfer, science and technology, the Filipino community in the Netherlands, expat life, experiences while traveling, success stories, multimedia journalism and development communication.

Along with collecting and sharing information, I am also particularly interested in beautiful typography, digital tools and technology, photography, historical mysteries, cultural diversity and languages. I love to travel and to see more of the world has been a fixation since I stepped into the vast jungle called journalism.

During my free time, I bead, bake, create wordpress websites or look for a new hobby to obsess myself with. What do you do on your free time?



FEMS Focus

Defining the microbial terrain

When we consult science in matters of evolution, it points to a common ancestor branching out to different organisms which eventually leads to us, man. Charles Darwin proposed...

FEMS Focus

Q Fever, the secret epidemic?

Q fever was named as such because it was a mystery when first discovered in 1937 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. “Q” was primarily used for the word “query” but even when...

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The Flu Pandemic, Reason to Get the Chills?

This issue of FEMS Focus will zoom in on the Pandemic Flu, caused by the H1N1 virus. To address the subject efficiently, FEMS Focus interviewed two profiled experts in the...

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Genomics and RNomics: Taking the Code Further

Genomics. Post- genomics. Hot topics in contemporary research contributing vast amount of data and opening new avenues for science. In order to address a prime example of the...

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Systems Biology: Complexity Explained

Systems biology. A hot topic in contemporary science gaining ever-increasing attention. In order to address the role of systems biology in general and in microbiology, FEMS...