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Chanel Melani

Freelance feature and opinions writer

Location icon Australia

I'm a freelance feature and opinions writer who writes about society, culture and business. My work has been published in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, SBS Life and MiNDFOOD.

I have a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and Sociology, and have spent over a decade in the marketing industry working across some of Australia's most well-known brands in financial services, telecommunications, travel and aviation.

My writing brings to life my professional background, academic studies and topics I'm passionate about.

The Sydney Morning Herald
The black eye was bad, the jokes worse

I'm a woman and I play AFL as a weekend hobby. It's a sport that is fiercely working towards gender equality at a professional level, and one that is empowering young women at a grass roots level.

SBS Life
I didn't feel pretty unless my hair was straight

Cosmetics are definitely not my forte, and as a girl who doesn't own a pair of heels and wears makeup only a handful of times a year, I had many unsuccessful years of DIY hair straightening under my belt. It was the 90s, and no one felt pretty unless their hair was straight.

SBS Life
Re-imagining role models in the workplace for bi women

When sexuality is normalised in the workplace, it filters through to our views and actions in everyday life. However, every member of the LGBTIQ+ community needs to feel their sexuality is valid. With cultural misconceptions consuming the bisexual community, bi women are in need of role models at work according to recent research.

A budding trend

Local communities are welcoming the growing seed library movement, and residents are reaping the rewards. Benefits that extend beyond the environment, to physical and mental health.