Carrie Gilbert

Freelance Writer, Editor, & Social Media Content Creator

Location icon Canada

I am a 33-year-old woman with cerebral palsy. I have a Bachelor of Journalism Honours degree from the University of King's College. I enjoy writing, reading, editing, and creating social media content.

I have developed and implemented social media strategies for organizations such as Healthy Minds Cooperative and TEAM Work Cooperative, helping to increase audience engagement. I have also organized the production and distribution of print and digital quarterly newsletters.

I am a collaborative team member who enjoys producing creative contributions to projects and organizations. I look forward to hearing from you about how I can contribute to your organization or business. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in working together.




World So Quiet

When you feel your heart can't move anything be reminded of each soul you eased in grace Composed of countless truths-various and vast secretly longing to be tranquil within times always seeking so fast we rise in sound, so many visions- as they spin creation translates then dissipates to the vapid These volumes evaporate emotions...

Ponderings to Wonder

White curiosity Ponderings birthing creativity A dreamer remains within the blue A poet of melody A depth a glimpse of which we are in beautiful little moments blessed beyond bluest skies to see A man's ponderings create wonders As they seep into our hearts well they tend to make the nothingness break apart A splash...


To distinguish peace from fear full heart at the ready though doubts the soul have caught and tarried doubling over winds... is a gift the knowing carry finding home still there where hope has held at times, yet become shaken at the words it signifies The knowing, always there is perhaps more plentiful than...

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