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7 Ways To Annoy Everyone On Your Next Group Ride - ADV Pulse

We've all been there. It's a pleasant weekend Adventure Ride with you and your normal crew. The sun is shining, the skies are blue. The trails are perfectly moist and tacky with a bit of early-morning dew. It's you and your favorite steed with a fresh set of knobbies and nothing could be more right ...

ADV Pulse
6 Reasons Texas is an Underrated State for Adventure Riding - ADV Pulse

Photo by Robert Hensley Colorado, California and Utah are all almost impossible to overhype as top destinations in the USA for dual-sport rides or long tours on an adventure bike. It is no coincidence that bike manufacturers, gear companies and part distributors are often headquartered in these areas.

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Interview: American Matthew Knowles on Starring in China's Most Expensive Film

Boasting a 100-million-dollar budget, Asura is the most expensive Chinese film ever made. Though it features an international cast, the film is shot completely in Mandarin and is based on Buddhist mythology, with groundbreaking martial arts and fighting scenes that will conjure up comparisons to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Lucky Number Sevens: The link Between the Hong Kong Sevens and Chinese Rugby

Much has been made of Alibaba's USD100 million-dollar pledge to invest in domestic Chinese rugby. If the investment comes to fruition, it will be a great first step towards popularizing a sport that is much like a ball carrier after a 10-man maul collapses; at the bottom of the heap.

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Beijing Sex-Ed Books Promote Same-Sex Relationships, Stir Controversy

The birds and bees and how Chinese society views same-sex relationships may be getting a reinvention in China. Predictably, parents and Internet commenters are up in arms about a radical (by Chinese standards) series of sex education books entitled Cherish Life.

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4 Things We Noticed While Drinking at the Hong Kong Sevens

Each April, Hong Kong is descended upon by droves of partying pilgrims masquerading as 'rugby fans' to partake in the Hong Kong Sevens, the piece de resistance of Asia's biggest party. Hong Kong is already a laosiji (old driver) paradise.

Navigating Higher Ed
Debunking Greek Life Stereotypes - Navigating Higher Ed

I was told by a good friend that joining a fraternity definitely changes people's perception of you. When I think about it, it makes sense that he said this. After all, the derogatory "frat guy" stereotypes of binge drinking, hard partying, treating women poorly and paying for friends are all too common in the minds of most people who are college-aged and beyond in the 21 st century.

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New Restaurant: Amaroni's

Ensconced on the third-floor roof of the upscale Taikoo Hui shopping center, Amaroni's New York-Italian style restaurant looks phenomenal and certainly walks the walk. The real question is whether the fare offered can talk the talk and deliver authentic Italian-style dishes that transport you from Taikoo Hui to Tuscany.