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Bringing your brand voice to life through words that excite, engage and inspire

I write content, copy and product descriptions for health, wellness, nutrition, travel, fitness and yoga. My goal is to turn complex information into interesting, fun to read, informative content.

I’ve been writing freelance for several years now and also have eight years of experience in marketing, email marketing, content creation, influencer marketing and blogging. I’ve written for blogs, health sites, small businesses and top wellness publications. I love taking on new topics and challenges.

Check out some examples of my work below.

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Supplements Vs Whole Foods-What's the Truth? - Vooluu

by Celsea Jenkins With all of the information regarding what you should and shouldn't eat, it's no wonder we are confused. The debate around taking supplements versus avoiding pills and just maintaining a good diet continues to rage on.

13 Tips For Getting Back in the Exercise Game After Baby

Getting back in shape after having a baby is no small feat, and as the mom of a 3-month-old, I can certainly attest to that! It's recommended that women gain between 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy, and while it's hard to imagine how your body will ever look and feel the same, it's also amazing how quickly our bodies can heal.

The New Food-Storage Trend That Saves Money and the Planet

If you follow any foodies or healthy-living experts on Instagram, then you've probably seen the rising trend of turning ordinary refrigerators into works of art. Picture beautiful, well-lit photos of perfectly organized foods in a rainbow of colors on display inside mason jars of all sizes.



Elephant Journal
Dance: Sexuality, Creativity & Meditation All-in-One.

We need dance because it helps us tap back into our femininity, our sexuality and subtle body. We need dance to help us reconnect to our inner child, the girl who wasn't scared to get out on the dance floor, be silly and get the party started.


Brit + Co
This Is How to DIY Your Own Zen Getaway

Today we’re making your dreams come true: We are showing you how to build a private retreat in your home for a quick escape anytime you are stressed or need a break from life. Creating your own zen getaway is easy, even if you only have a tiny space. Whether you’re looking to create a yoga nook or you just want a spot for some quiet reflection, we’ve got everything you need to bring on the chill vibes. Scroll on for 10 ways to design your own tranquil hideaway.

Back to the Roots Blog
5 Foods That Grow in Funky Ways - Back to the Roots Blog

The produce we buy is so beautifully presented in the grocery store, but where does it come from? We decided to explore the growing process of some of our favorite fruits and veggies and couldn't


With spring rolling in and the extra hour of daylight in our evenings (remember to set your clocks tomorrow!), it's time to kick our workouts back into high gear! We're bringing in the new season with a new workout. Here are five options that keep us on our toes and where you can find them...


Underrated Beaches - Gldmne

Remarkable and Fragile Waters Symbiosis: noun- interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. Ten days in Australia's vast and diverse landscapes is simply not enough. Choosing which stops to make is a challenge to say the least.

11 Places to Go on a *Healthy* Vacation

With a small number of vacation days to use each year, we know you're extra picky about how you use your precious time off. If you're looking to de-stress, a wellness vacation might be your ticket to unwinding and finally getting fitness, meditation and some much needed R&R into your busy schedule.

Wellness Today
5 Reasons Travel Is Great for Your Health

I'll go ahead and admit right up front that I am addicted to travel. Fortunately, travel is one of the healthiest things I could get hooked on! Globetrotting improves our lives in powerful ways, affecting us on emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels.

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