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Since 1998 I have been working in the San Francisco Bay Area Internet industry's editorial and technical departments most recently as a Product Manager for a networking hardware giant.

Growing up and living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I saw the California Cuisine movement start and learned to appreciate wine, appellations and the business and science of enology. My sister is a classically trained chef and cookbook writer. She inspires a lot of my home cooking and started my appreciation of local food by exposing me to ingredients new and unfamiliar.

In 2005, I followed my dream to learn massage therapy. As a massage therapist for Ritz Carlton, I developed an insider knowledge of high end hospitality and spa management and an eye for detail in service and process when it comes to hotels and resorts. By 2007, I had returned to the Internet industry as a Project Manager. My blog was started in April 2010 as a passionate writing project and an alternative to Yelp for restaurant news and reviews.

All my life I have traveled, always knowing where home is. I am still curious and cherish my time away. I started a travel blog for a trip to Thailand and Singapore and have tried out a service called Triptease. One way I am able to keep those experiences fresh is by writing about them. I am looking for assignments to expand my clipping collection.


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