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Opinion: It's All About Context

If the Club Orange ads are criticised while the Abercrombie & Fitch ad is admired, is that blatant hypocrisy? Not so, says Catherine - there's a place for sex in advertising, but it's not in ads for fizzy pop...

A Chick Named Hermia
Epiphany in Paris

Paris was beautiful. When I’d booked it back in January with The Bessie to coincide with the end of her first year as a teacher, I had no idea just how important it would end up being to me. A week after I said goodbye to Him, I was on a plane to the most beautiful city in the world...

RTE's Red Radar
Bank Holiday Fashion

Catherine from A Chick Named Hermia talks about her fashion choices for the bank holiday...
Opinion: No Laughing Matter

Up until recently the only way a woman was dubbed a 'funny' character was by being completely weird, utterly stupid, incredibly vulgar or a sexed-up sex kitten. Oh wait, or a complete bitch...
Movies: Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy's final movie is slated for release this month, reminding us of the actress' shocking death three years ago...
How To ... Deal with Chuggers

You've spent years trying to avoid/reason/threaten these charitable hooligans, but to no avail. Fret no more because has the answer to your problem...

The Serial Blogamist
Hey You!

Conversations with drunk people....

The Serial Blogamist
Ways and Means

Stalking is an art form....

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