Casey Louw

South Africa

I am a communications professional with 9 years of experience working as an online marketing assistant, a PR account executive, a writer, proofreader and an administrative assistant in full-time and freelance positions as well as having served numerous internships at PR companies, traditional advertising agencies and digital marketing agencies. My work has been published in magazines and online. I have a proven ability to conceptualise, generate compelling content and forge good relationships with clients and suppliers.

Are Mercedes-Benz Expensive to Maintain?

We have a question: are Mercedes expensive to maintain? The answer is simply, yes. According to RepairPal, the yearly Mercedes-Benz maintenance cost is $908.

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12 Automotive Trends Across the Globe in 2022

Over 2021 the automotive industry has experienced reduced inventory as well as price increases and production delays which is connected to the semiconductor chip shortage. The automaker industry is changing with a move towards electric vehicles and zero emissions. There are various automotive industry trends that have emerged.

How to choose a childcare provider?

Finding the right childcare provider is important as you will be finding the right type of childcare for your child and an arrangement that suits your schedule as well as your child's schedule. Finding appropriate care for your loved little one will leave you feeling at ease when you leave your child in the care of a childcare provider.