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Carolyn is a health and beauty writer located in the New York City area.

She has worked for various magazines and websites including Health magazine,, and Vitamin Retailer Magazine.

Three Ways to Live in the Moment

It's becoming more and more difficult to live in the present moment. This fast-paced world of ours has made us all over-worked, over-connected, and over-stimulated. Most of us totally zone out as we run from one task to the next (work, school, social obligations), or we bury our faces in our phones and never stop to smell the proverbial roses.
Your Guide to Juicing

Interested in juicing your own fruits and vegetables? Read on for the benefits, as well as the things to watch out for, when it comes to sipping your greens.
The Benefits of Getting Some Sun

We all know it's important to wear sunscreen to prevent premature wrinkles and skin cancer-especially now that summer is in full swing. But it turns out a little sun exposure may go a long way in terms of improving your health.
7 Iced Summer Drinks From Fast-Food Chains: Healthy? We Say No.

It's July 1. It's hot. And the fast-food chains are hard at work trying to woo us with their most refreshing summery drinks. We really can't blame anyone for assuming that these iced teas and ades are healthy warm-weather choices ( they're better than Coke, right?), but we had serious doubts about their nutritional value.

Natural Practitioner Magazine
A Naturally Healthy Pregnancy

Women are taking control of their health as they seek natural ways to have a healthy pregnancy.
Natural Ways To Care For Your Skin

When it comes to skin problems such as blemishes, dry skin, or itchiness, many of us are quick to run to the pharmacy for expensive potions that promise big results. But how often have you forked over half your paycheck for a so-called miracle cream, only to be disappointed with the results?

Natural Practitioner Magazine
Stress: A 21st Century Health Concern

A little bit of stress is a healthy and normal part of everyday life. But too much stress, from today's financial concerns, long workweeks and not getting enough sleep, can begin to cause wear and tear on the body.

Vitamin Retailer Magazine
Alleviating The Pressure

As millions of Americans are living with high blood pressure, retailers are poised to offer much-needed support with natural supplements and education.

Vitamin Retailer Magazine
Fresh From the Farm

It won't come as a surprise that many Americans fall short of the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables.
DIY Anti-Aging Face Mask

Giving yourself an anti-aging face treatment can be as easy as opening your fridge.

Vitamin Retailer Magazine
Growing Benefits

There is an increased demand for plant-based EFA supplements, as vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike seek sustainable, safe products.

Nutrition Industry Executive Magazine
Weight Management

According to the World Health Organization, obesity rates have nearly doubled since 1980, with globally 1.8 billion people overweight, and 500 million people obese.

Vitamin Retailer Magazine
Building A Strong Support System

Bone health is important for the health of the entire body as bones provide structure and support, anchor muscles and protect the organs, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Vitamin Retailer Magazine
Mineral Value

Minerals play a vital role in many functions of the body, so ensuring the correct balance goes a long way in maintaining good health.

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