Carolyn Crist

Grad student

Graduate student in health and medical journalism at the University of Georgia



Participants needed for study on exercise habits

Here’s another highlight of the exercise study being conducted by kinesiology professor Michael Schmidt and others.

Georgia Health News

What keeps defeating dieters? UGA team studies possible factors

Why are so many dieters unsuccessful? Several University of Georgia researchers are trying to find out.


Beehive of activity: Professors team up to develop video games to assist in obesity fight

Video games aren’t to blame for childhood obesity. In fact, they can help, according to a group of UGA professors who created a game about a beehive that represents diabetes.


New series will examine the science behind obesity

Visiting professors will discuss the latest ideas about why we eat what we do and why the fat goes where it does as part of a speaker series kicked off this fall by the UGA...


A Supersized Problem: Tackling the Obesity Epidemic

New statistics show that Georgians are getting fatter. UGA professors and health care experts are trying to get their arms around the problem.

Georgia Health News

Beehive game teaches kids how to keep obesity at bay

University of Georgia professors use video games to talk to kids about diabetes.