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Carol Ruth Weber

Wordsmith, Communicator and Designer

Location icon United States

Carol works in media relations as a writer and influencer utilizing her design background and skills as a wordsmith and communicator. With extensive experience in design and life, she has given her knowledge to the world through her writing. Carol actively writes on design and decorating, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, as well as reviews and high profile interviews for numerous publications. Her extensive skills also make her an asset as a ghostwriter.

With over twenty-five years' experience in the field as a writer and designer, Carol has proved her intensive expertise writing for several publications as well as producing videos, blogs and web site. She is known for her excellent ability to conceptualize ideas, research, and gather knowledge into editorialized articles.

Carol's specialized skills include:
* Skilled at writing and editorializing pertinent information in several formats including AP and Chicago style - including ghostwriting.
* Ready and able to meet deadlines, even at a moment's notice adding value to my editorials.
* Use of MS Word and Excel to execute articles. AutoCAD and ability to utilize Photoshop.
* Knowledge and experience of posting on social media and PR sites to boost readership.
* Skilled at research and writing for assignment based publications as well as initiative produced writing responsibilities.
* Administrative and supervisory experience involving overall supervision of all business activities, including coordination of projects, client relations, budgeting, and hiring of employees.

The Huffington Post
Meet Peter Max: Humble Iconic Artist Speaks About His Life

The colorful artwork of Peter Max is among the most recognizable art spanning generations since the sixties. Peter Max defined pop culture through his art at a time when the Beatles were changing the world's outlook with their music.

The Huffington Post
'Wow, I Love Your Hair!' : A Curly Top's Hair Care Secrets

As a curly top with a long mane, I am stopped every day with the praise "Wow, I love your hair." As a kid I hated my knotty mop top. The girls with the silky straight hair always got the good attention while I received glares and comments about my mess of curls.

The Huffington Post
Elvis Duran Interview: Z100 Host Expresses Halloween Spirit

Just announced, the well known nationally syndicated z100 Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, will serve as Grand Marshal in New York City's 43rd Annual Village Halloween Parade. Known for his fun show full of happy banter, teasing and hysterical phone taps, Elvis and his fellow Elvis Duran show personalities are the perfect choice to lead the long-standing NYC Halloween festive parade event.

The Inquisitr News
Captain America Aims To Trump Conservatives

Captain America is being deemed a liberal "beating up conservatives," at least as reported by Fox News. The newest incarnation of the Captain America series was released on Wednesday, October 14 in Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015) #1. The new story has a new Captain America known as Sam Wilson.

Using Ideas From Pinterest Home Decor To Enjoy Creative Projects

Updating your home with the help of Pinterest home decor suggestions can get your creative mind flowing with inspirational ideas. Not only can you gather knowledge searching Pinterest home decor and creative boards but you can also create your own Pinterest account.

CBS New York
Best Ways To Save During The Holiday Sales Rush

The race is on to be first in line for this year's best deals on holiday gifts: Black Friday is almost here. Every year, the stores open earlier in the wee hours of the morning, some even open at midnight after Thanksgiving Day, while other stores start the Black Friday sales on Turkey Day itself.

GhostBed review- Perfect Nature's Sleep delivered at an amazing value

Purchasing a mattress no longer requires one to set out to a store to be bombarded by salespeople selling beds like used cars. Simply place an order online or by phone and one can receive the ultimate of mattresses in just a matter of days delivered to the front door ready to unbox. Much like a ghost that can morph into different shapes, the GhostBed is a mattress precisely designed to conform to any body type and need for a peaceful journey into dream land.

Exciting Spring Break Ideas For Families To Get Away

It's the time of year for families to enjoy fabulous spring break getaways and reconnect with loved ones. Whether visiting theme parks or hopping from one fabulous destination to another on a cruise, fun can be found for all ages. Be sure to pack all of the necessities for maximum fun in the sun!

Emily Sciarretta glitters inspiration as Ms. Wheelchair NY USA

Emily Sciarretta is an amazing woman who spreads her cheerful karma through her bright smile and beautiful singing voice. It is evident why Sciarretta was chosen as Ms. Wheelchair New York, USA. One barely notices her bedazzled chair as she sits upon it more like a moving throne carrying its Queen as she spreads her cheerful disposition to all she meets. Emily

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