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DZINE + Zeterre at the 2019 San Francisco Decorator Showcase

We supported Zeterre Landscape Architecture with their redesign of the backyard of San Francisco's famed Petit Trianon, the venue for this year's San We supported Zeterre Landscape Architecture with their redesign of the backyard of this year's San Francisco Decorator Showcase house.


DZINE Living
Introducing a New Collaboration: Boffi + Salvatori | DZINE Blog

Our new Boffi and Salvatori display in our showroom takes sophisticated and innovative kitchen and bath design to the next level. The new display, which spans 3,000 square feet, showcases cutting-edge materials for countertops, wall units and backsplashes including new stones, metals and woods.

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Poltrona Frau: A Leader In Leather Design | DZINE

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our dedicated Poltrona Frau furniture display in our showroom. Founded in 1912, Poltrona Frau is one of the oldest and most revered furniture manufacturers in Italy. A leader in leather design, Poltrona Frau produces classic pieces that combine craftsmanship and the highest quality materials.

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The Beauty of Baxter Leather | DZINE

Baxter's motto "Emotions shouldn't be described, they should be experienced" speaks to the way its furnishings make you feel. Baxter specializes in uniquely designed leather furniture. Its craftsmanship is refined and detailed, while bringing a completely original perspective to color and form.

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Golran Creates Optical Art in Rug Collection | DZINE

Ask any interior designer - rugs are an integral part of designing a space. They can provide balance and function in harmony with a room, or they can make a statement and stand out as a design piece in their own right.

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Poltrona Frau Reveals New Collection at Milan Design Week | DZINE Blog

Every year, thousands of designers, artists, architects, makers and buyers from all over the world descend upon Milan for the world's largest and most important design event: the Salone del Mobile. Also known as Milan Design Week, the Salone is a confluence of creativity and innovation, where design enthusiasts are given an inside look at top brands' newest collections and cutting-edge new trends in design.

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Product Spotlight: Porro | DZINE Blog

While you may know Porro for its range of modern closet systems (we recently invested in a new 1,000+ square foot Porro closet display), the Italian brand While you may know Porro for its range of modern closet systems, the Italian brand also boasts a collection of contemporary furnishings for the home.

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Living Divani at Milan Design Week | DZINE Blog

Harmonious proportions and a feeling of understated luxury: these are the distinguishing features of Living Divani, the dynamic and vibrant family-owned Harmonious proportions and a feeling of understated luxury are the distinguishing features of Living Divani, the family-owned company that has made upholstery its trademark.

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The Ongoing Search for Beauty with Paola Lenti | DZINE Blog

The ongoing search for beauty is the driving force behind Italian furniture company Paola Lenti's creative development of high-tech materials and The ongoing search for beauty is the driving force behind Italian furniture company Paola Lenti's creative development of high-tech materials and ever-expanding range of colors.

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Creating Timelessly Modern Interiors with Walter K. | DZINE

Timelessly modern interiors: that's the hallmark of German furniture brand Walter K. The newest addition to our showroom, the Walter K. collection is celebrated for its classic designs for both residential and contract settings. With more than 150 years of expertise in leatherwork and an inherent understanding of how to make furniture people want to live with, Walter K.


Brand Line Card

A line card of all represented furniture and accessory manufacturers at DZINE.

DZINE Living
Celebrating 12 Years With Porro | DZINE Blog

Our brand new 1,500 square foot dedicated Porro closet display celebrates Italian craftsmanship at its finest. Porro represents the best of the best in contemporary closet design today, with an aesthetic governed by clean lines, minimalism and functionality. The designs they debut each year at the Salone del Mobile in Milan set the trends for the coming year.

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Curating a Lifestyle with è DePadova | DZINE Blog

We are excited to announce the launch of è DePadova in our showroom and reveal our newly redesigned Boffi Studio. A storied Milanese furniture brand, è DePadova is renowned for its iconic, modern designs. Our 3,000 square foot Boffi Studio now seamlessly integrates contemporary furnishings by DePadova with luxury kitchen and bath products by Boffi.

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Curated Cookware & Ceramics Arrive at DZINE | DZINE Blog

Innovative cookware: two words that aren't commonly paired together but that perfectly embody Italian brand knIndustrie's collection of contemporary kitchenware. While the company's offerings may seem ordinary - pots, pans, serving bowls, dishes, cutlery, cutting boards - the products themselves are anything but.

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Fresh From Milan: New Paola Lenti Display | DZINE Blog

Fresh from Milan's Salone del Mobile, a new Paola Lenti display arrives at DZINE this week. We are excited to present a new vision for Paola Lenti as you've never seen it in our showroom. The outdoor furnishings are in a more muted color palette.


DZINE Living
Marcel Wanders Talks Design | DZINE Blog

In our showroom recently, Marcel Wanders compared designing to the act of giving a gift: "A good gift is something you give from who you are. You give it from your soul." This is how Wanders hopes to design - by making things that only he can give that reflect his culture, feelings and beliefs.

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Made In Italy | DZINE Blog

Italian design has always been acclaimed for its aesthetics and craftsmanship that has been passed down, refined and perfected through generations. Italian-made furniture is so treasured and unique because it marries cutting-edge design and traditional artisan technique, resulting in an aesthetic that is representative of the Italian lifestyle.

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Moooi Comes to DZINE | DZINE Blog

As part of our continuing efforts to showcase exciting and relevant design in San Francisco, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of Dutch brand Moooi to our showroom. Moooi's cutting-edge and eclectic collection of furniture, lighting, accessories and carpets is an inspiring addition to our space.

DZINE Living
Milan: The International Capital of Design | DZINE Blog

While Milan is internationally recognized for being many things - a major financial hub, a fashion mecca, a home to centuries at the intersection of art, culture and industry - one aspect that truly makes the city unique is how visible design is. Design is everywhere.

DZINE Living
Celebrating New Milestones in Milan | DZINE Blog

In November, two members of our team traveled to Milan and spent seven design-filled days celebrating new milestones with our manufacturers and visiting their factories in Brianza. They had a chance to spend time with and reconnect with the families that run Porro, Living Divani, Baxter and Paola Lenti, as well as with the CEO and key members of the Boffi and De Padova companies.

DZINE Living
Mora House: A Silicon Valley Masterpiece | DZINE Blog

The Mora House, perched in the hills of Los Altos, CA and boasting around 12,000 square feet of space with large outdoor areas, is a lot of home to furnish. That was the challenge tasked to DZINE when Melvin Vaughn, developer and owner of Vaughn-House, needed an interior design that would live up to his extraordinary project.

DZINE Living
Bringing Curated Accessories To DZINE | DZINE Blog

In an effort to bring a diverse and distinct range of accessories to our showroom, we are excited to expand on our Venini display with new luxury, handcrafted ceramic accessories by Bosa. Our design team carefully considered and hand selected each piece in an effort to offer a range of designs, sizes, colors and materials to suit any aesthetic.

DZINE Living
Boffi Code: A New Way to Customize | DZINE Blog

"If you can dream it, we can do it." This is Boffi's mantra this year, as the company announced a cutting-edge new program at the Salone del Mobile furniture fair in Milan. Recognizing that more people are seeking unique products for their homes, Boffi Code puts Boffi's extraordinary production capabilities in service of your custom kitchen or bathroom, offering extremely tailor-made solutions for your unique space.


DZINE Living
Venini Display Arrives at DZINE | DZINE Blog

DZINE is excited to announce the launch of a new project with Venini, one of the most celebrated producers of Murano glass in the world. As part of our effort to add great accessory design to our furniture and art collection, we have incorporated a large display of beautiful Venini products on our showroom floor.

DZINE Living
Talking Textiles with Paola Lenti | DZINE Blog

To celebrate 20 years of Paola Lenti's success and innovation in design and the release of the company's book Tessere Spazi (Weaving Spaces) , we hosted Paola Lenti herself for a special reception and book signing in our showroom yesterday evening.


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