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Caroline Franco

Strategic Communications

Location icon United States

I have always been fascinated by the power of communication and the crucial role it plays in all aspects of life which continually motivates me to perfect my message delivery in a concise yet compelling way. I have dedicated the last four years to improve my skills of communication at The Ohio State University and the previous three years to building a personal brand on the social media platform Instagram. I have learned from both school, and the never-ending algorithm change and oversaturation of Instagram, how to form relationships as well as stay ahead of the game, disciplined and creatively innovative to not only succeed but stand out from the rest. I have a passion for being a student of life, and I love to listen. Also, I am never embarrassed to ask for help and believe that the more I experience, the better growth I'll achieve.

And on the rare occasion, I do "chill" it's most likely because I'm stuck 35 thousand feet in the air with no WiFi because I'm off to country number 16. Or, possibly in the kitchen whipping up some homemade pasta that my Nonna taught me to make or cookies because who doesn't love cookies?

I look forward to connecting with you!