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Huggies Created the Smallest Diaper Ever to Help the Tiniest Preemies

Parents don't usually love dishing about diapers (after all, the changing process is a bit unpleasant), but Huggies is giving moms and dads everywhere something good to chat about when it comes to them. The brand has announced the launch of an adorable, teeny-tiny diaper line for premature babies: Huggies Little Snuggler Nano Preemie Diapers.

The Connection

Nick Fradiani and his band Beach Avenue walked on stage to whoops and applause from the watching crowd. Teenagers leaned forward over silver metal barriers waving mini American flags and cheering. "We used to perform covers of American Authors' songs," Fradiani told the crowd. "Now we're opening for them; it's pretty incredible."


22807 Magazine
Barbering with Love

Identical eyeballs lean in to inspect the silver hairline of Richard Rhodes. "Should I bring it in a little on the right, Fay?" "No, Kay, I think that looks good." With a brandish, the black fabric covering Rhodes is removed to reveal a barber chair, circa the 1930s.

Interior Design

KitchenAid Just Debuted An All-Black Mixer - And OMG, It's Chic

Baking is a lifestyle (at least anyone passionate about the quality of homemade muffins will say so) - which is why the release of KitchenAid's Artisan Black Tie 5-Quart Stand Mixer is reason for major excitement. Featuring a black Cast Iron finish and black powder coating, this stainless steel KitchenAid mixer might just transform your countertops (two words: so sleek).

Floor Covering Weekly
Shimmer, shine & statements

Style and interior design piece about an events featuring Kathy Ireland. Also conducted a Q&A with Ireland.

Floor Covering Weekly
Driving flooring up the wall: Technology creates new opportunity

Adding tile treatment to walls is nothing new. Its beauty and durability have long been admired. In fact, according to Ted Acworth, CEO and founder of Del-Conca, mosaic originated almost 3,000 years ago and emerged on walls not long after.


House Beautiful
The Japanese Cherry Blossoms Have Started Early [PHOTOS]

The most wonderful time of spring is just around the corner: cherry blossom season. While our palms are itching with anticipation, we can find solace in the fact that 8,000 cherry trees are already blooming in a town outside of Tokyo.

Navy Words
Come on, come on turn BLI on

It's been six weeks since I left Virginia to come to Long Island, which, aside from being the official breeding ground of funeral home owners and family run pizza parlors, sits in the shadow of New York City. "City People" is the common phrase the entire island uses to describe the lucky ones who get to call Manhattan home.

Haters Gonna Hate: Why Taylor Swift is Perfect

Taylor Swift's plan of world dominance seems to be coming along just perfectly. Since her first self-titled album was released in 2006, she has taken the world by storm. With six Grammys, ten Teen Choice Awards, and four American Music Awards, Swift has quickly become a music icon.

College Fashionista
One-of-a-Kind Jewelry From Head to Toe

Sometimes all an outfit needs is a little extra push to be truly perfect. Throwing on your favorite T-shirt dress while rushing to class is always acceptable, but spicing up your plain outfit with some specialized jewelry is essential. I never leave the house without at least one piece of jewelry on-bracelets are absolutely crucial.