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Brussels-based journalist

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I cover European regulatory affairs out of Brussels, with a focus on chemicals, food, automotive, energy, telecommunications and accounting.
I occasionally moderate meetings with decision makers.
In a recent life I wrote grant applications for projects dedicated to young journalists and occasionally supervised some of them.


Journalism work

The French defy pharma over drug pricing

Pharma industry objects to drug's off-label use as French seek savings. Drugmaker Roche lost a fight with the French government on Thursday, when the health minister ordered reimbursement of the drug Avastin to treat a dangerous eye condition.

France 24
Thalys attacker

A lot of questions about intelligence services in Europe.

Romania to propose legalizing bribes for docs

The government prefers not to call them bribes. Romania is moving toward legalizing a widespread practice in many Eastern European countries, where medical staff is underpaid and quality can be dodgy: bribes for better service. The government is expected to introduce criteria by which informal payments patients make to doctors, nurses and other public health workers, would be legal.

Global health rules need teeth: Ebola panel chief

Countries can ignore global health rules without enforcement mechanism. Getting 196 countries to report disease outbreaks to the World Health Organization will take more than just the legal text of the 2005 International Health Regulations, a global health expert charged with assessing how the rules fared during the Ebola pandemic said on Tuesday.

For EU patients, doctors with borders

High costs, bureaucracy and lack of awareness limit single health market. A push by the European Union to allow patients to travel throughout the bloc for medical treatment without big hassles or costs is off to a sluggish start, benefiting mostly the well-off and highly informed.

Romanian leader's surgery abroad panned

Questions are being asked about why Victor Ponta traveled to Istanbul for a knee operation. If your own prime minister travels abroad for an operation, what does that say about your country's health care system? It's a question on many Romanians' minds since Victor Ponta chose a hospital in Istanbul for a knee operation.

Sourcing in Africa: EAC readies for EU access

The European Union (EU) and the five members of the East African Community (EAC) are now legally scrubbing the text of a free trade agreement (FTA) concluded last October to prepare it for signature and ratification, according to the European Commission.

CNN International
Toxic mix that makes Belgium fertile ground for terrorism - CNN

Brussels, Belgium (CNN)"It's a nightmare," says Zaki Chairi. Chairi, a 27-year old Belgian comedian who performs with a humorous theatrical group that calls itself the "Muslim Raiders," was speaking several days after a deadly gun battle erupted last week between suspected jihadists and police in the eastern Belgian town of Verviers.

Confectionery Production
On the outside

Carmen Paun discusses how new EU food labelling rules are bringing harmonisation, but also challenges.

Global Meat News
EU food safety commissioner appeals for solidarity on Russian ban

The European Union (EU) health and food safety commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis has called for solidarity between EU countries in dealing with the Russian ban on exports of EU pig and food products. "We cannot accept any situation under which different conditions might apply to different member states," the Commissioner told the European Parliament's agriculture committee in Brussels on 23 March.

EU apparel group underlines priorities for TTIP

The European Branded Clothing Alliance (EBCA) has asked negotiators of the planned EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) to strike an ambitious agreement.

EU prepares database on new food information rules

The European Commission is developing a database to help food manufacturers identify all EU and national mandatory labelling rules in a simple way, a European Commission said today (11 December).

Scottish Government urges drinks industry to allow minimum unit pricing trial period

The alcohol industry should withdraw its court case against Scotland's plan to introduce minimum pricing per alcohol unit and allow five years for it to be trialled, the head of public health in the country has argued. Speaking at the European Alcohol Policy Conference in Brussels last week, Donald Henderson suggested that the proposal be given a chance before being dismissed.

European Plastics News
EU confirms plastic bag reduction deal

Representatives of European Union (EU) member states hammered out a deal last Friday to reduce consumption of lightweight plastic bags to 40 bags a year by 2025.

European Plastics News
Europe agrees provisional deal to cut plastic bag use

Representatives of the European Parliament and the European Union's (EU) Council of Ministers agreed on a provisional deal last night (17 November) to reduce the use of lightweight plastic bags in the EU.

Financial Director
Commissioning the future: the new European commissioners

THE NEW European Commission of president Jean-Claude Juncker, which will take office for five years on 1 November, is expected to be more political than its predecessors. It also has a clear brief from its boss: more growth and jobs.

"No compromise on EU food standards for TTIP"

The EU's commissioner-designate for health and food safety Vytenis Andriukaitis, has promised members of the European Parliament he will oppose any attempt to lower the bloc's food safety standards as a consequence of agreeing a free trade deal with the US.

The reach of Russia's ire | Dairy Industries International

Russia's ban may have global implications beyond Europe, Carmen Paun reports The ban imposed by Russia at the beginning of August on dairy products from the European Union (EU), US, Canada, Norway and Australia will cause disturbances on the European and world markets, the European Dairy Association (EDA) warned the European Commission on 13 August.

Global Meat News
European meat market stable despite Russian embargo, Brussels expert says

The European meat market is not in crisis following the embargo imposed by Russia on meat from the European Union (EU), a European Commission expert has told GlobalMeatNews. Looking at price levels and producers' margins, Dr Kai-Uwe Sprenger, market officer for animal products at the European Commission's directorate general (DG) for agriculture, said there were no significant variations in these two areas so far.

Global Meat News
EU concessions on meat needed in US negotiations, says official

The European Union (EU) will have to make concessions on meat in its negotiations with the US for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a senior European Commission official warned last night (Tuesday). John Clarke, director for international affairs at the European Commission's directorate general (DG) for agriculture said: "We will have to reduce our tariffs in areas like meat."

Global Meat News
Russian meat ban "symbolic" says Moldovan official

The Russian ban on imports of processed beef, pork, lamb and horsemeat from Moldova is rather "symbolic" and will not have a major impact on the country's meat exports, a Moldovan foreign ministry official has told GlobalMeatNews.

Money Laundering Bulletin
Russian sanctions - live rounds or blanks?

The US and EU have launched 'phase 2' sanctions - selective asset freezes and travel restrictions - against Russian and Ukrainian targets, both individuals and companies, but their impact in question, our correspondents sought expert opinion on whether the measures are working: reporting by Paul Cochrane, in Beirut; Kitty So, in Ottawa; Carmen Paun, in Brussels; and Eugene Vorotnikov, in Voronezh, Russia.

Moscow shrugs off EU complaint over pork ban

The Russian government has criticised the EU for filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization against Moscow's import ban on EU pigmeat and pigs. The Russians have imposed the ban following four cases of African Swine Fever (ASF) detected in Lithuania and Poland but the EU claims Moscow's actions are not based on science, as required by WTO rules.

Global Meat News
EU challenges Russian pork import ban at the WTO

The European Union (EU) has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) against Russia's import ban on pigs and pigmeat sourced from across the EU, following four cases of African Swine Fever (ASF) detected in Lithuania and Poland.

Global Meat News
Russia extends pork ban for Poland and Lithuania

As of yesterday (Monday 7 April) Russia has effectively extended its African Swine Fever (ASF)-justified ban to include processed pork meat products from Poland and Lithuania, two Polish members of the European Parliament (MEP) have revealed.

WardsAuto Interview: ACEA's Erik Jonnaert

Erik Jonnaert, the new secretary-general of the ACEA, the European automakers association, talks to WardsAuto about the market, free trade, global expansion and regulatory issues. (See related story: Trade Group Chief: European Auto Industry Will Endure.)

Trade Group Chief: European Auto Industry Will Endure

BRUSSELS - Whatever happens in Europe, an automobile manufacturing base always will be needed on the continent, says Erik Jonnaert, the new secretary-general of ACEA, the European automobile manufacturers association. "I don't think there should be any fear that we will evolve towards a situation where all manufacturing would move out of Europe," despite historically low sales and increased competition from Asia, Jonnaert tells WardsAuto.

Global Meat News
Georgia and Moldova emerge as markets for EU pork

Pork meat producers stand to benefit from the comprehensive free trade agreements the European Union (EU) has signed with Georgia and Moldova at the end of November.

World Nuclear News
Power struggle over EU nuclear safety

National regulators should remain responsible for nuclear safety in the European Union (EU), the nuclear industry has argued. The European Commission has proposed to increase its powers in a new safety directive. European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG) chairman Gerald Hennenhöfer suggested that the Commission does not have the experience to ensure and assess the safety of European nuclear power plants.

WECF/Chemical Watch
NGO launches EU-funded project on EDCs

The NGO Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) has launched a project funded by the European Commission's programme Life+ with the goal of protecting children from endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).

Nursing Standard
Transatlantic Ticket to Work

Regulators could soon be removing the barriers to British nurses in North America, say Kitty So and Carmen Paun

Clothing tops dangerous products entering EU

Clothing and textiles were one of the top product categories notified through the European Union's (EU) rapid alert system on dangerous consumer products (RAPEX) in 2013.

Jane's Airport Review
EU-Canada deal opens up ground-handling market

The CETA free trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and Canada, which concluded on 18 October, will open the Canadian market for airport ground-handling services to European providers, according to an EU source participating in the negotiations.

Global Meat News
MEPs and Commission clash over pigmeat and poultry labelling

A political struggle has broken out over planned new European Union (EU) origin labelling rules for pigmeat and poultry - which could delay their entry into law. On 6 February the European Parliament opposed a labelling system drafted by the European Commission that would allow pork to be labelled as "reared" in a particular EU country if a pig had lived there for just four months, or one month for chickens.

Global Meat News
Belgian government advises decrease in red meat consumption

The Belgian Superior Health Council, a scientific advisory body of the government, has recommended citizens eat no more than 500g of fresh red meat per week and to avoid cold cuts, such as cooked sausage or salami made of the meat.

Global Meat News
EU economist predicts fall in meat consumption

Meat consumption will never reach previous levels, Tassos Haniotis, director of economic analysis at the European Commission's directorate general for agriculture said on Tuesday.

Global Meat News
Waterbath best option for poultry stunning, says EC

Waterbath remains the most economically viable option for stunning poultry in the European Union (EU), the European Commission said in a report, published just before the festive break. The method sees birds hung upside down on shackles then partially emerged in a waterbath where they are stunned by an electric current delivered through the water before they are bled.

Global Meat News
New EU labelling rules could disrupt trade, says industry

New national origin labelling rules for pork, sheep, goat and poultry meat made in the European Union (EU) could reduce the trade in meat products between the 28 EU countries, EU senior meat industry figures have warned.

World Nuclear News
Europe plans for emergency communication

A project backed by 43 organisations is preparing Europe to react and communicate effectively in case of a nuclear emergency, drawing on the lessons of the Fukushima accident.

Ford Wants Trade Deal to Bar Currency Manipulation

Ford is pressing U.S. and European Union negotiators involved in the world’s largest-ever bilateral trade talks to write promises not to manipulate currency-exchange rates into the resulting agreement.

EU-backed project seeks use of insects in animal feed

A European Union (EU)-funded project aims to change Europeans' reserve about using flies as a source of protein feed for pigs and poultry, but also for human consumption, which is not currently allowed in Europe.

Gathering momentum in Moldova

Landlocked between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is keen to stress its European orientation: work on AML in response to Moneyval findings is helping its case in Brussels, reports Carmen Paun.

The Bookseller
EU: Quarter of Europeans buy books online

Almost a quarter of European shoppers have used the internet to buy books, magazines and e-learning material in the past year. This is the conclusion of a Eurostat annual survey on information and communication technologies' use in households and by individual consumers.

Canadian metal sector optimistic about EU trade deal

Canadian non-ferrous metal and metal product exporters are optimistic that the free-trade agreement struck between Canada and the European Union (EU) last Friday will increase sales of Canadian material to Europe.

Meat traders celebrate EU/Canadian trade deal

European and Canadian meat traders are looking to boost overseas sales after last week's formal announcement of the widely anticipated Canada-European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

Report calls for more policing in EU food controls

The European Parliament wants official controls in the food chain to focus more on fraud prevention and see inspectors act more like policemen in the wake of the horsemeat scandal and other food fraud cases, according to a draft report released today.

EU wants duty-free textile trade with the US

The European Union (EU) is targeting full elimination of tariffs for textiles and clothing in its free trade agreement talks with the US, an EU source close to the negotiations has told just-style.

University World News
Report finds little progress on European Research Area

With just three months to go before the launch of the European Research Area, or ERA, much work is still needed before a border-free international market for research projects can be established, a new report has found.
Baltic states want more to fight African Swine Fever

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will collectively receive €2.5m from the European Commission to prevent the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) from Russia and Belarus.

Safe factories would cost "US$0.10 per garment"

Making Bangladeshi garment factories safe would add US$0.10 to the cost of each garment shipped over the next five years, the country's ambassador to the European Union (EU) said yesterday (17 September).
New CAP agreed, vine-planting rights to end

An agreement reached this week between the European Union (EU) institutions on the reform of the Common Agriculture policy (CAP) will scrap the existing system of vine-planting rights at the end of 2015, European Commission officials have told just-drinks.
EU bodies reach deal on producer organisations under CAP

Representatives of the European Parliament, the European Union (EU) governments and of the European Commission reached a deal today on how producer organisations can represent beef and veal producers under a revised EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
EU wants US beef ban lifted under TTIP

European Union (EU) representatives travelling to Washington DC next week for the first round of negotiations with the US to forge a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) want early progress on the Americans lifting the current ban on European beef, an EU source close to the negotiations said yesterday (July 4).

Money Laundering Bulletin
Collateral damage – terrorist asset freezing impact

 Terrorist asset freezes impose an immediate financial sentence on suspects but it doesn’t always end with removal from a sanctions list, says Robert Stokes. Additional reporting by Carmen Paun.
CAP: a better deal for livestock farmers?

Successful meat producers will be breathing a sigh of a relief that the newly agreed reform of the European Union’s (EU) Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will not punish them as severely as they feared.
EU project analyses genetic resistance to disease in livestock

A European Union (EU) funded research project called Quantomics has been investigating the hereditary information of cattle and chicken to discover the genes that make them more resistant to diseases and infections.
CAP: meat production subsidies under negotiation

Representatives of the European Union (EU) institutions are working towards a final deal next week on how much of the EU agriculture subsidies should go towards maintaining meat and livestock production, which might collapse without public funding.
MEP raises concerns over safety of Brazilian beef

A Portuguese member of the European Parliament (MEP) Nuno Teixeira has raised concerns about the safety of Brazilian beef after learning that two shipments of Brazilian beef have been blocked in the port of Rotterdam after testing positive for the presence of E.coli bacteria.

ACEA’s Ivan Hodac Diplomat, Consensus-Builder

The voice of Europe’s auto industry for the past 12 years says working with strong personalities in Hollywood, as an executive of Time Warner, prepared him to deal with automotive CEOs.

Trying Times Continue for European Auto Makers

Until the economic picture brightens, auto makers must continue innovating and dissuading regulators from passing laws that would raise their production costs, Ivan Hodac of the ACEA says.
MEPs endorses deal over baby, medical foods

The European Parliament has endorsed a final deal agreed with EU member states on regulations on the composition of infant formula, baby food, diet replacements and special medical foods

Oils&Fats International
ILUC threatens EU biofuel industry

Scientific evidence suggesting the effect of indirect land use change (ILUC) is greater than previously thought has prompted a U-turn in European Union support for the biofuels industry. With the European Commission’s decision to favour and support second-generation biofuels, those in the industry feel betrayed and uncertain of their future.

Petroleum Review
EU focus on fracking

‘Robust rules’ are being proposed to govern hydraulic fracturing activities in European Union countries. Carmen Paun, in Brussels, provides an overview and looks at what lessons can be learnt from the US experience with a view to using environmentally-friendly industrial processes and best available technologies.

Warning over CAP cuts

The European Parliament (EP) has backed cuts to the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP).

U.S., EU, Japanese Auto-Parts Makers Form Alliance

A U.S. auto industry representative says a new international alliance will better equip parts suppliers in the U.S., the European Union and Japan to comply with environmental regulations.

WardsAuto Interview: ACEA Secretary General Ivan Hodac

In an exclusive interview with WardsAuto, ACEA Secretary General Ivan Hodac discusses the impact on European auto makers of a potential trade agreement with Japan and upcoming stringent CO2 emissions targets.

What caused the European horsemeat crisis?

As the horsemeat scandal continues to rage through Europe, policy makers and industry are starting to reflect on what caused the crisis and how can be avoided in the future.

Bringing down the barriers

The EU and Japan are in the throes of negotiating a free trade agreement that could ultimately ramp up demand for accounting services in both regions

Plastics&Rubber Weekly
Italy passes plastic bag ban despite UK opposition

The Italian government has passed a law banning the sale of non-biodegradable plastic bags, despite a legal challenge by the UK government, which claims Rome is breaching EU internal market rules.

Red tape shredded on EU grants

A simplification of the reporting rules for loans and grants supplied by EU institutions is expected to make life a great deal easier for accountants handling such funds

Chemical Watch
Dutch develop system to prioritise PBT chemicals

Dutch scientists have developed a system to rank persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) chemical substances registered under REACH on the basis of their environmental impact.

World Nuclear News
EU expands ambitions for regulatory role

The European Commission proposed today that European Union (EU) member states repeat comprehensive stress test safety checks at their nuclear plants every six years and ensure that radioactive releases in any accident are "practically eliminated."

Rio Consensus

With the implementation of Rio+20’s goals on sustainability reporting being left largely to individual governments, the corporate world is rising to the challenge
EU needs official register for meat traders, says central body

Meat traders should be officially registered and covered by official controls, Enrico Frabetti, deputy secretary general of the Liaison Centre for the Meat Processing Industry in the EU (CLITRAVI) told a conference organised in the European Parliament yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon.

Moderation work

OFMN Target Youth Mobile & Safe: Carmen Paun

Carmen Paun, moderator at our event Target Youth: Mobile & Safe explores what we learned during the debate that took place on 12/11/2013. Want to know more about the event and what happened? Then check out

Project writing and management work
Flag it project

The project trained young journalists from Europe, Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia to use data visualization and mapping in reporting on environmental issues. Carmen Paun came up with the idea and ensured the grant application and supervision of the project.

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