Cara Vandergriff

I am a charismatic, ambitious, hardworking person with a passion for communicating and a genuine fascination with people and their stories.

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Master's Thesis - Texas Tech University
Reaching New Audiences: The Value of Public Relations to a University

This research aims to investigate the value of a public relations department to a major university by looking specifically at its ability to reach new audiences outside of the direct university community by working with outside media outlets.

Texas Tech Today
Working Parents Day: Courtney Meyers

Working Parents Day, observed this year on Sept. 16, is a day dedicated to parents who work hard both at home and on the job to provide for their families.

Texas Tech Today
Remnant Trust Collection Open to Public

A selection of documents from The Remnant Trust, a collection of more than 1,300 original and first-edition documents that have shaped the ideals of human liberty and dignity, is open to the public at the Museum of Texas Tech University.

Texas Tech Today
Texas Tech Alumna Creates Supplement to Increase Pet Health

Nancy Seymour, like so many other pet owners, wanted more than anything to prolong the life of her beloved dog, Casey. When Casey began suffering from Cushing's disease, Seymour was devastated - and left wondering why we always seem to lose our pets too early.

Texas Tech Today
Student Becomes Advocate for West Nile Prevention

Due to recent rainfall, the Lubbock and South Plains area has experienced an increase in mosquitos that looks to only be growing as the summer progresses. With these pests comes not only a burden on outdoor activities, but the threat of contracting a harmful, mosquito-borne disease, West Nile virus.

Texas Tech Today
Hispanic Enrollment Reaches Record High

Hispanic student enrollment at Texas Tech University reached a new high at 23 percent this semester, but the Hispanic population on campus hasn't always been so large - even in a city with a 36 percent Hispanic population. In 1979, only 2.5 percent of Texas Tech students were Hispanic.

Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
Tech community calls tuition increase a 'necessary evil'

The Texas Tech Board of Regents approved a 3.95 percent tuition increase Tuesday, March 11, and many Tech students have expressed concern about the extra $365 a year they will now have to pay.

Texas Tech Today
Annual Lubbock Lights Concert to Honor Artist Terry Allen

In the spring of 2015, regional artists Wade Bowen, Butch Hancock, Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines paired up with Texas Tech University to launch an event series called "Lubbock Lights: Celebrating the Musical Heritage of the South Plains."

Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
West Virginia transportation system inspires Lubbock monorail idea

Texas Tech and Lubbock developers aren't the first from a large university or a medium-sized city to consider campus-to-downtown transit. Big 12 rival West Virginia University has had a system designed to do just that in place for three decades. WVU's Personal Rapid Transit system is a public transportation service that connects downtown Morgantown with the university's three campuses.

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