Cara Owens

Freelance Writer. Fiction Author.

Location icon United States

Creating content that propels your company forward is my goal. Crafting a perfectly executed article or post that showcases your brand or company in a fun and creative way is what I (now) do.

Once upon I time, I was an occupational therapist. I spent the majority of my workdays in hospitals and clinics treating infants and children, as well as several stints taking care of the "big folks" too. But life as a military wife took me in a different direction, and for that, I am infinitely grateful. If my life hadn't been interrupted every two years with yet another military move, I never would have taken the opportunity to start the writing career I always wanted. So, I am grateful for the stories that are uniquely mine. I am grateful for the fact that my writing can pinpoint what a company wants to convey. I am grateful for the fiction novels I have written that I will one day publish. I am grateful that I am now a writer.

By day, I currently ghostwrite for company blogs and take pride in creating content that is specifically tailored to match company keywords, SEO goals, and essential takeaways. By night, I dream up new obstacles for my characters to overcome in my fiction novels.