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I've worked for MONOCLE, REUTERS, Harper's Bazaar, Schön Magazine, The Guide Istanbul amongst others...

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Two divers step on a metallic terrace by an ocean of bubbles amidst unidentified floating objects. The change of environment will allow them a few milliseconds of friction to adapt to a new environment: temperature and humidity levels. Eager for the cold water embrace, they reassess past mistakes balanced by regaining confidence in their maneuvering abilities.


Ayran aşı represents the beauty of Turkey for me. This cold yogurt soup delights the tongue when hot summer days hit the Aegean coasts. Subtle fresh dill and parsley invade the soul while chickpeas curl up under the palate, drops of olive oil aside.

The Guide Istanbul
Sahaf: A Hidden Gem

The closest we will ever get to time travel, it seems, are outings to museums where only our eyes are allowed to touch, or visits to history-themed parks, reproducing the trademarks of a definite area in plastic. Sahaf, a tiny hidden museum/library of sorts in Gayrettepe, filled with its own treasures will get any history buff or book lover excited.

Schon Magazine
Interview | MØ/

With a Garfield crop top, a messy bun and a smile on her face, Karen Marie Ørsted goes unnoticed in the streets of Paris. Yet, the 25 year-old Danish singer, most commonly known as MØ, can be proud of her achievements. Her music videos (Pilgrim, Waste of Time, Glass, XXX 88...)

Schön Magazine
Pearl Lam x Porsche Design

While Frieze Art Week may be over and done with, there are other shows still happening in London, and the Pearl Lam exhibition at the Porsche Design flagship store is one of them.

The Guide Istanbul
Spend an Afternoon at Burgazada | The Guide Istanbul

When author Sait Faik Abasıyanık, one of the most prominent Turkish literary authors of the 20th century, decided to spend his life on Burgazada, he was inspired by the proximity to the clear waters of the Marmara Sea.

The Guide Istanbul
Across the Seven Seas: Istanbul's Turkuazoo

Whether you're hopping on a ferry or on the Marmaray train, Istanbul finds you surrounded by water, but rarely do you have the chance to get a glimpse of what's under the deep-blue sea.

Schön Magazine

Works from 17 internationally curated artists will be showcased at the Istanbul Modern Museum, featuring installations that celebrate 10 years of modern art in Turkey and seek to identify globalisation and its impact on Istanbul, through video clips, art and sculpture.

The Guide Istanbul
Istanbul for Kids

Istanbul born and bred authoress Burçak Gürün Muraben transforms the vast information out there about this city into a manageable and delightful little guide in English for children from ages 7 to 12, as well as their parents. The little guide, published by Can Çocuk, is the perfect introduction to the town's heritage.


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