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Cameron Engle

Brand Specialist - The Home Aesthetic

Location icon United States

I am a husband and a father. Life is full. I have a degree in secondary health education. I love to teach in all I do. I have a graduate certificate from Covenant Theological Seminary. Here I learned to open my mind and see the broader picture. I was pushed to think critically and write academically. I read old books and critiqued ancient scholars. I learned the importance of building an argument over sharing an opinion.

I currently work as a brand specialist for a high-end real estate photography company. I develop strategies to reach new markets which encompasses everything from market research to graphic design, social media and cold email drafts. I write copy and design websites for companies and clients who come to us for branding services.



I love to learn. I immerse myself into new subject matter and try to become as much of an expert as fast as I can. I am competitive with myself in this way. I love helping others understand and express their story and their purpose.

Grasping for a Reason

Most of my writing is planned, crafted, edited, rewritten, edited, reorganized, read aloud, edited, and then published. But after a heavy week that included a shocking death of someone I knew, I was talking with a friend who was very close to the person who passed suddenly. I said something in the conversation and he encouraged me to write about it. This piece came out in about 30 minutes and included only one glance through as an edit. It was revolutionary and liberating to write and publish...

Private Client
30 Sec Marketing Commercial Script

Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash. Our company was shooting a few videos for a client. One of the videos was a 30 second marketing commercial aimed at attracting new parents to their school. The client submitted a proposed draft and I was tasked with editing and rewriting it. Both are included here to show the distinction and tone of the rewrite.

It's Time to Stop Avoiding That Thing

I was having conversations with colleagues during the pandemic quarantine and realized they always revolved around one thing: alcohol. It got me thinking about how people are handling the isolation in quarantine. About the same time I came across some research about the spike in alcohol and pornography consumption currently in our country. This made me realize that we are not coming out of this thing as better people. So I wanted to explore, and challenge my readers to reflect on, the...

Your Path To Creativity

This article means a lot to me because it was rejected at first by a certain publication. I worked to put this together for a specific call-out given by this publication. To be honest, I was upset it was rejected. I believed in the piece and wanted others to learn what I had been learning through it. And having it rejected impacted me. I stopped writing for a bit. Then, out of nowhere, it was picked up and published by another publication, the largest publication on Medium. Oh the ups and...

Life Will Knuck You Up

I am not sure why, but common phrases sometimes irk me. This article was born out of such irking. I had just come out of a pretty terrible work experience that upended just about everything I thought I knew and believed in. And the phrase, "When life throws you a curve," came to mind and the irking ensued. It's a terrible phrase. I needed something better. The knuckleball.

Private Client
Marketing Worthy Of Your Clients

I designed and wrote this lead generating ebook to add value to prospective clients, communicate our position on marketing, and to generate new leads in our target market. Initially, I used a different title and used a different position when writing this ebook. But I never felt great about it. It would have landed very well with our target market, but it would have pushed us outside of our brand identity as a company. After discussing this with our CEO and founder, I rewrote the copy from a...

Private Client
The Home Aesthetic Hotel Pitch Book

After developing a strategy for reaching new markets, which included market research and repositioning our company's message, I designed and wrote this book to send to prospective clients. To help prospective clients see how we can help them achieve their hospitality aspirations, I broke the booklet down into the new categories of the hospitality industry, the categories that this new generation has created, and now expect. They also happen to be the categories that AirBnB, hotels/resorts...

Private Client
Brokerage Marketing Collateral

I put together this piece of marketing collateral for a local brokerage. They already had established branding guidelines, so the colors and some of the copy/messaging was already theirs. Putting this together was my first project in my new role in the branding industry, and this client was incredible! It was easy to write and design because they have a clear distinction in their brand based on established values.

Made to Flourish
4 ways God calls us to the same things

This was my second piece for Made To Flourish. This one meant a lot to me and I hope to turn it into a book one day. I was burdened by much of the conversation in the faith and work movement, mostly by what was not included in it. I have also mentored and counseled hundreds of college students as they wrestled with their calling. It was sad to see them so paralyzed by the pressure to figure it out. I wanted to help them learn what I had learned and experience some freedom along the way. It...

Made to Flourish
Why education is important for the church

This is my first published writing. I'll never forget the thrill of seeing my name under a title online. I was accepted as a monthly writer for the faith and work organization Made To Flourish. This is my first piece for them which ties my background in education to my theological training.

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