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Cameron Engle

Fraternity Leadership Guide

A local university fraternity reached asked me to design, host, and deliver materials to help develop its members in leadership skills, principles, and character. The design incorporated an intentional symbol to communicate the study’s intent, as well as the fraternity’s color scheme. It was a blast designing this material (brand and curriculum) and also hosting the study! They were a great group of guys!

Spiritual Formation Class

While serving with a local church’s spiritual formation team, I was responsible to designing and delivering a 4 week class to foster deeper spiritual growth. Staying consistent with the color scheme and core value emphasis, I designed the artwork with a wordmark to communicate the tone of the content. This was a different demographic than I was used to, but I loved the challenge and really loved how the main artwork cover turned out!

Personal Essay
A Theological Position on Counseling

One of my favorite subjects I have had the privilege of studying over the last couple of years is human constitution from a Judeo-Christian worldview. In my opinion, and that of my professors, this major theological doctrine has lost its import on modern worshipers. The implications of this doctrine are both challenging and charitable. This was my portion of a group theological paper on the biblical basis of counseling. What came out in this essay was an attempt to communicate some of the...

Work Compilation

My career has afforded me the privilege of wearing many hats, building many skill sets, and serving wonderful people. One of those hats of service has been designing artwork for communication and promotional materials. This is a compilation of some of those works. Creatively trying to communicate a compelling story, theme, or vision is work that fuels me. Enjoy! Photo credit goes to Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

Made to Flourish
Why education is important for the church

We've all seen or experienced the flurry of the beginning of a school year. Parents scurry to reestablish a morning routine that gets everyone where they need to be on time. Kids run through hallways, backpacks in tow. Teachers give lesson plans one last glance before they begin the first class.

Marketing Collateral

I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful company, Plat Collective, that is an Indianapolis real estate company servicing the urban areas of the city. It was easy and enjoyable to connect with their brand in order to create a template for personalized marketing collateral highlighting their work, while also putting the client at the center of the story!