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Arts Editor, The Paper

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Camille is a freelance writer with a special enthusiasm for pop culture, music, TV, and astrology. This enthusiasm come from her background in music, painting, theatre, journalism, and creative writing. As the current Arts Editor of The Paper, Camille employs her creative skill set to generate unique articles catered to the millennial audience, whilst editing the works of other writers. Camille also runs an astrology blog, which features more of her original astrology and zodiac-related content. She is based in Colorado.


Astrology Blog Posts

The Cosmic Cannibal
Planet Abstraction: What Uranus Tells Us about Aquarius

The 12 zodiac signs all have a planetary ruler that was assigned to them based on the observations of astrologers over the years. These rulers are not coincidental. The more you delve into the characteristics of the planets, and assess their physical nature, the more insight you gain into the zodiac sign and it becomes clear that the planets and signs are parallel.

The Cosmic Cannibal
Dark Side of the Moon

There's a lot of misdirection in astrology, particularly when it comes to the negative expressions of the planets and the signs. As per request by one of my humble Tumblr followers, I am diving into the shady territory of the moon in hopes of exhuming some of the unpleasant traits that exist in every sign.

The Cosmic Cannibal
The Clash of the Zodiac: Subjective vs. Objective

I've been engrossed with writing and researching for my astrology book, the Zodiac Abstract. And I came across a polarity between the first and last 6 signs of the zodiac that I wanted to explore in concise depth.


Review: Gaga: Five Foot Two

By Camille Liptak Netflix Original, Five Foot Two, Directed by Chris Moukarbel, is a biographical documentary inviting the audience into the previously private life of Lady GaGa to show them a different side of the music maven.

Gwen Stefani's New Album Brightens the Holiday Weekend

By Camille Liptak, reporter Gwen Stefani's newest Christmas album proves to be a surprising gift from the veteran pop singer. The contents of You Make It Feel Like Christmas are cheery, lively, and everything you would want out of a Stefani Christmas album.

News and Features

STEM Reaches High Altitude at PPCC

By Camille Liptak At the college Leadership Council Meeting on Friday, Oct. 20, PPCC students Rebecca Sachaj and Robert Whitley presented pivotal moments from their 2017 STEM internships to President Bolton and key staff.

Combat Paper is for Everyone

By Camille Liptak, reporter Through a week-long art-making workshop at PPCC campuses, nearly 340 members of the community re-purposed donated military uniforms into creative works of self-expression.

Play "Twilight: Los Angeles 1992," a Riot of Raw Talent

By Camille Liptak, reporter PPCC students and staff gave a rousing sendoff for their Fall 2017 performance of Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992. Co-directed by theater chair Sarah Shaver and dance department chair Stephanie Kobes-Newcomb, the production rehearsed seven weeks before its final performance Dec. 3 rd.