Calum Gordon

Freelance writer

Calum Gordon is a Berlin-based writer who specialises in fashion and contemporary culture. As well as co-authoring Contemporary Menswear (Thames & Hudson), he has contributed to publications such as Dazed, SSENSE, Garage Magazine, Another Man, Kaleidoscope, Mundial Magazine, and LAW.

Calum also writes copy for brands and advertising agencies, such as adidas Originals, Converse, Beats by Dre, Carhartt WIP, Billionaire Boys Club, R/GA and Breaks Agency. In addition, he is currently the editor in chief at WIP Magazine, a publication by Carhartt Work In Progress.

Contact: [email protected]




Why Fashion Memes Are More Important Than Actual Clothes Now

Alessandro Michele's Gucci Cruise 2018 collection was a roaring success in terms of publicity. Forget the criticism that followed, forget the questionable ethics of...


A History of Raf Simons' Collaborations with Peter Saville

The old adage is that you should never meet your heroes. Raf Simons, of course, has never been one particularly enamoured with conventional ideals.


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The story behind Missoni's unexpected Pigalle collab

And so it begins. You knew it was coming from the moment you first saw Louis Vuitton and Supreme's logo-orgy in January that others would soon follow. The template for Luxury...


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Yesterday, the first Calvin Klein campaign of Raf Simons' tenure as the brand's chief creative officer was unveiled. Shot and styled by his long-time collaborators Willy...


The Nike shoe that was the uniform of Italy's 90s club kids

In New York in the 90s, it was wheat-coloured Timberlands - Jay Z would famously pull up every weekend to David Z, a Manhattan shoe retailer, to purchase a fresh pair, giving...


How Carhartt WIP became a subcultural phenomenon

On the 8th of August 2011, the staff at the Carhartt WIP outlet on 18 Ellingfort Road in Hackney received a phone call from looters telling them, out of courtesy, that they...


Kanye's hijabi model held a mirror to fashion's faux freedom

Rightly or wrongly, Kanye West has never been judged by the fashion world by the same metrics that we would judge any other fledgling designer.


Menswear label Noah is proving it's punk to care

On the corner of Mulberry Street in Nolita, the historic slice of downtown New York's Little Italy, sits Noah, with a whitewashed façade accented with red and blue. The store is...


The trainer the Daily Mail told you to be scared of

Grime is dead. At least according to photographer Ewen Spencer, who says that today's scene bears little resemblance to the one that first sprung up in the early 2000s. Despite...


Is Political Streetwear Coming Back? | Highsnobiety

Unless you live a life of extraordinary privilege in a bubble somewhere, 2016 has rendered politics something that cannot be ignored, brushed off or waited-out for four more...


Heron Preston on pollution & politics at Paris Fashion Week

Last Friday night, down a side street in the heart of the Marais, New York designer Heron Preston revealed his first eponymous collection, somewhat conveniently titled "For You,...


Remembering Glenn O'Brien, who hated fashion and loved style

American writer and cultural critic Glenn O'Brien passed away at the age of 70 in April of 2017. To many, O'Brien wasn't simply a figure that wrote about pop culture, he was pop...


How Factory Records inspired decades of fashion

Last month a small slice of Mancunian history appeared in Miami. Conceived in collaboration with Ben Kelly - the architect responsible for Manchester's iconic but now defunct...


Trying to understand the Supreme brick

On Saturday morning I received a text from my mum. It was a picture of the queue outside London's Supreme store last Thursday, and an article about the branded brick (yes,...


What does Raf Simons at Calvin Klein mean for fashion?

There is no longer any doubt over who will be heading up Calvin Klein, but one question does remain - what will the label look like under Raf Simons' direction? The initial...


The secret history of mafia-run bootleg fashion

There's nothing inauthentic about fashion's current love affair with fakery. Maybe it's the zenith of post-irony, but something over the past 11 months has led labels to examine...


What the hell is an Art Dad?

If you follow those that Kanye keeps in his inner circle - Virgil Abloh, Theophilus London, Heron Preston - you'll likely have seen a phrase repeated again and again over the...


Ghetto Gastro are probably the coolest chefs in the world

Nomadic culinary collective Ghetto Gastro probably do not look like your typical chefs. In fact, there are likely few chefs who would know the name Rick Owens, never mind be...


How the lines between streetwear and the runway are blurring

When it was announced at the tail end of last year that burgeoning streetwear brand Stüssy would mark its 35th anniversary with a collaboration with Comme des Garçons' seminal...