Cale Anthony Boudreau

Creative Writer

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I'm a storyteller who writes across all mediums including: video games, blogs, short stories, scripts, and comics.

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Press Releases


Free Events Vancouver
Free Events Vancouver (Marketing Deck)

A startup events company tasked me with developing their internal marketing deck. They use it to attract more clients for their business.

Free Events Vancouver
Free Events Vancouver (About Us)

Part of my engagement with a local events company included revamping the 'About Us' page along with other copy within the website.

COGConnected Features

Interview with Wargaming's Head of eSports, Mohamed Fadl

Mohamed Fadl is Wargaming's Head of eSports - he's the man behind the incredible Grand Finals tournament for World of Tanks. This super charged event spanned across two days and included VR stations to watch the action, interactive wrist bands that update who wins on the fly, dancers in glowing suits and even real tanks.

Wargaming's The Grand Finals 2016 Recap - Relive All the Action

This has been a massive year for eSports with Wargaming's The Grand Finals 2016 coming back to Warsaw, Poland for one of the year's biggest events. Twelve teams faced off in what was one of the most electrifying competitions yet.

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India Review - Platforming Eye Candy For Stealth Enthusiasts -...

Ubisoft and Climax Studios delivers another iteration of the Assassin's Creed Chronicles series, this time taking us to Colonial India. Follow an assassin named Arbaaz Mir during a conflict between the East India Company and the Sikh Empire during the year 1841. This 2.5D action-stealth platformer delivers a beautiful art style combined with fluid controls and challenging puzzles.

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