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Pamplin partnership provides penny-pinchers with textbook refuge

"Last year, I used a 4-year-old book that students could have bought used online for as little as about $20, but I still found locations charging as much as $215 for it," said Stephen Skripak, a professor of practice in the management department and lead author of the textbook.

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Dining services unveils new food trucks with ribbon-cutting

"This has been a long road," Faulkner said as he addressed the small crowd. "This has been eight years in the making." The trucks, both custom-built by On the Move Food Trucks, based in Boerne, Texas, are built on the Ford F550 platform and include unique features like slide-out siding to expand the area inside the truck.

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Blacksburg Transit speeds into the new semester

As over 25,000 new and returning Virginia Tech students made their way back to Blacksburg last week ready to take on the new semester, Blacksburg Transit was spending its summer buying new buses, updating its "BT4U" call and text service, adding a new route and working on an update to its mobile application, which was rolled out just six days ago.

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Collaborative learning gets a boost with flexible classroom space

"I think it is very needed," said McKenzie White, a junior majoring in architecture. " Last year I had three classes in one of the classrooms in War Memorial Hall, and it was miserable. It was always really hot and noisy, and on top of that there was constantly construction that interrupted the lecture ."

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Hokie Spa: A brief overview to a vital service

Managing academic, financial and personal records is a big task. The secure storing of all of those records for the over 100,000 people affiliated with Virginia Tech is a big task. Luckily, the university uses an information system known to most students as Hokie Spa to organize all of that important information.

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Child care in Blacksburg: not just a walk in the park

For the over 25,000 undergraduate students at Virginia Tech, searching for affordable and satisfactory child care options may not be the first concern. But for graduate and professional students, who are more likely to be parents, finding the best child care in the area is a top priority.

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From "relationship" to "right now": gay romance in a digital age

As apps such as Tinder and Grindr become a common and increasingly acceptable way to meet romantic partners, finding a mate has become as easy as a swipe, a flirty message, or picture and a location. This digital shift has affected not only college-aged students on a general scale, but it has had a unique impact on the LGBTQ+ community as well.

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Sanctioned Greek organizations seek redemption on the road back to campus

As of the 2016 spring semester, three fraternities are currently not recognized by the university while they serve a loss of recognition for violations of the Student Code of Conduct: Delta Kappa Epsilon (lost recognition in 2011), Kappa Sigma (lost recognition in 2015) and Kappa Delta Rho (which recently had its recognition status revoked, though this decision is currently being appealed).

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Thirty-eight hours in Flint, Michigan

As he led the group of seven into The Muslim House, Inc., a drafty former residence on Martin Luther King Avenue, we noticed the cases of bottled water stacked on the porch as the blowing snow covered them. It required persistent force to open the door, for more cases of water were stacked inside to the left, obstructing the door's path.

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Entrepreneurship Challenge inspired students' abilities

The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center attracted an enthusiastic mass of students, faculty and staff on Wednesday, March 30 who gathered in entrepreneurial spirit to facilitate a competition between seven teams of Virginia Tech students, each competing for attention and $5,000 and $10,000 prizes.

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The Edge residents frustrated by Prices Fork crosswalk closure

Some students returning to Blacksburg the following week from Spring Break were not happy about the sudden decision. "I have a class that ends at 10 p.m. each week, so I'm forced to walk back to my apartment alone in the dark," said Megan Koch, a sophomore public relations major and resident of The Edge.

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Torrenting at Tech: the ins, the outs and the consequences

Torrenting is different than most data transfer protocols. Usually, a user's computer pulls information from a central server - that is how most of the web's traffic works. A Google search is a request from an individual computer to Google's servers.

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Behind the scenes: Unpackaging Mail Services

Department mail consists of correspondence sent to academic departments or other University officials, and residential mail refers to letters and packages sent to students and faculty members living on campus.

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Cadets migrate to Pearson Hall

Living in on-campus residence halls just became a lot more comfortable for over 1,100 cadets. This weekend, cadets moved into the newly built Pearson Hall, located on the Upper Quad. Beginning at 7 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 14, moving vans and helpful families could be seen migrating toward the new building.

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Recreational Sports Department to charge sports clubs new fees

Upon the start of the spring 2016 semester, student recreational sports clubs will be charged set fees to use University spaces in an effort for the Recreational Sports Department to cover its rising costs of equipment replacement, infrastructure repair and supporting its 637 employees.

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