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Caleb Ayers

Feature writer, Storyteller

Location icon United States

I am a multi-disciplinary college senior with experience in feature writing, journalistic storytelling, and digital marketing. Currently based in Harrisonburg, VA, I am always open to freelance projects, whether that be local or remote.

James Madison University
JMU engineering students selected as top five for global challenge

The winning team of JMU engineering students who participated in "Dukes Invent," an intensive, 48-hour design experience held in February, has been selected as one of only five teams to attend the Global Round Competition in April at Texas A&M.

The Citizen
"Drowning in Milk”

A piece about the volatile dairy market and a Harrisonburg family farm that is unsure if they can endure it much longer.

Madison Magazine
Music Makers

(Story starts on page 32). Music has the unique ability to break down boundaries and connect people, but the tools to actually make music can be quite exclusive.

Flavor Magazine
A Dream Endures: Salvadoran Family Runs Pupuseria with Authentic Cusine

(Story starts on page five) The Salvadoran Civil War—a bloody, 12-year conflict between the Salvadorian government and FMLN Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN)—wreaked havoc on the country of El Salvador throughout the 1980s. As a result, over 500,000 refugees fled the country, and the majority of them came to the United States.

James Madison University
GS professor and students make impact on Haitian Island of La Gonâve

Embodying JMU's mission to be a globally engaged university, Geographic Science professor, Mary Kimsey has invested herself into "The Haiti Project," which focuses on the island of La Gonâve. Over the last 15 years, Kimsey and her students have made a positive impact on the island.

James Madison University
CS alumnus is a mentor, speaker, and founder of Chiedo Labs

When he isn’t managing his company, working with tech startups or teaching technology to children, you will find Chiedo John (’13) building chicken fences, gardening or splitting firewood for the winter.

ISAT professor leads sustainability initiatives

Jared Stoltzfus, a professor in JMU's Integrated Science and Technology Program (ISAT), utilizes his experience and expertise in sustainability to make a real impact on his students, the community and the world.

James Madison University
Engineering graduate chooses his way to Microsoft

It's impressive to receive a job offer from Microsoft during college. It's even more impressive that Microsoft offered JMU engineering student Nahom Fissaha ('18) the ability to choose between two different positions. After graduating in May, Fissaha will move to Dallas in July to begin work.

James Madison University
Students create machine to help visually impaired

While flying through the night sky, bats use sound waves as a substitute for vision. Bats rapidly emit sound pulses, most of which are outside the range of human hearing. In what is known as echolocation, a bat uses returning echoes to interpret their surroundings, navigate, and detect food. Whales and dolphins use this same tactic underwater. Amazingly, a few blind humans have also learned to echolocate with clicking noises.

James Madison University
Engineering students successful at Shell Eco~Marathon

In the spring of 2015, three engineering sophomore students, Jack Boone (’18), Daniel Rauch (’18), and Joe Grabowski (’18), who were interested in automotive engineering, pursued the option of developing their own two-year engineering capstone experience to focus their engineering degrees in different areas of automotive engineering. Under the direction of engineering professors Robert Nagel and Rob Prins, the team designed their project around the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas, a...

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