Caitlin Pellas

Content Marketing Specialist

Location icon United States

I am a creative Digital and Content Specialist based in Denver with a successful track record of expanding digital channels, improving online sales revenue and profit, cultivating brand identity and voice, and managing progressive campaigns—from conception through development and launch—for both established and start-up businesses.

With agency, in-house, and consulting experience, I am motivated by new challenges and am known for my ability to communicate unique propositions through strategic content and integrated programs to meet business objectives.

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6 Steps to Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Healthy This Winter

There are so many ways to celebrate the arrival of winter. Walks down quiet, snowy streets, weekends spent skiing and snowshoeing, enjoying hot chocolate inside by the fire...the list goes on! One thing we're not celebrating? Dry, dehydrated skin. Indoor heat, harsh winds, and cold weather all join forces during winter to leave your skin feeling flaky, itchy, and tight.

Clean Science. Professional Results.
Proud to Support: Breast Cancer Prevention Partners

Think back on your routine this morning-how many personal care products did you use from the time you woke up to the time you walked out the door? From brushing your teeth, to your shower, skin care, and makeup, the number and amount you use really adds up!

Your Human Resource | AHDory
Tell Me How You Really Feel - Defining and Managing Emotional Culture

We talk a lot about company culture and how it coalesces uniquely for each individual business. How customer-focused, innovative, team-oriented and competitive your employees should be are important elements in your culture mix. These elements are examples of cognitive culture - shared intellectual values, norms and assumptions that outline how employees should think and behave.

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