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European Medical Journal

Translating Knowledge of IL-23 Targeting into New Solutions for Psoriasis Treatment - European...

Professor Marc Radtke The last decade has been one of the most exciting for dermatologists managing patients with psoriasis, and this has been largely due to the significant...


Innovative ways digital health can help manage cancer

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), by 2030 the number of new cancer cases will reach 21.6 million per year - a 53 percent increase from 2012.Cancer is a chronic...

Medical News Today

Did I understand you correctly, doc?

Chronic disease patients are often unaware of their potential health complications. How can doctors ensure that their patients know and understand these?

European Medical Journal

Navigating the Road to Psoriasis Control in Women: Strategies to Optimise the Reproductive...

The importance of discussions around the management of women of childbearing age with psoriasis, an issue that has been largely neglected for many years...

Health Awareness

More awareness of research advances in epilepsy is needed

Progress is being made in the development of better epilepsy treatments and care services but more work is needed. And increasing awareness of recent advances is key to...

Senior Life

What is deep brain stimulation?

Consultant neurologist, Dr Tom Foltynie, from the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London, discusses deep brain stimulation (DBS).

Health Awareness

Common drugs may help step up the fight against cancer

In January, a team led by Dr Pan Pantziarka, of the Anticancer Fund, published evidence suggesting that a widely used painkiller may be useful for treating cancer.


New anti-clotting drugs: stopping the silent killers

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Health Awareness

A tough but breakable challenge

With nearly 44,500 people diagnosed annually, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death, killing over 35,000 people every year.

Global Cause

Correct dieting can improve quality of life for hepatitis patients

Correct dieting can improve quality of life for hepatitis patients - Hepatitis C is a blood-borne viral infection that affects the liver. A liver-friendly diet is therefore...

Diabetes Advice

Preventing amputations caused by diabetes

People with diabetes who do not care for themselves properly are at risk of serious complications such as amputations... but these issues are preventable.

Mediaplanet/The Guardian

Thalassaemia: living life to the full

The Times newspaper and Raconteur

How software can improve patient care

In healthcare, as in most industries, software-based innovations are gradually replacing traditional hardware technology - unsurprisingly. Without a centralised integration...


Sharps injuries: Strategies and solutions to protect healthcare workers | Lorena Tonarelli

Around one million needlestick injuries occur every year among care workers across Europe. Medical journalist Lorena Tonareli takes a look at how healthcare settings can reduce...

The Times and Raconteur

How can smartphones and apps improve health?

Increasing patient expectations, chronic disease prevalence and budget constraints are placing unprecedented pressure on the NHS. This is paving the way for technology to...

The Pharmaceutical Journal

Placebos: more than meets the eye

Often dismissed as fakes, placebos seem to work on the same brain pathways targeted by ‘real’ treatments and involve a complex network of genes.


Melanoma: new treatments and hopes

The stark prognosis facing patients with advanced melanoma is about to change, reports Lorena Tonarelli

The Sunday Times and Raconteur

Children's eye health is at risk

You will rarely hear children complain about their vision. Yet the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust estimates that one million in the UK have an undetected eye condition. This means...

The Independent newspaper and Mediaplanet

Redesigning diabetes care

Diabetes in the UK Increased collaboration between GPs and specialists can bridge the divide between primary and secondary care, improving diabetes services and, in turn,...