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Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins

Poet/Photographer/Editor-in-Chief RESURRECTION mag

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Ingrid is a poet/photographer based in Los Angeles.
Contact: [email protected]



Ingrid's World of Wonders

I had a 7-year hiatus from writing and sex. During that time, I worked at a library, a bookstore, played in a band, learned the bass and drums, toured, had a short lived"career" as a music journalist and a newspaper reporter.

An American Exorcism

A tribute to Jim Morrison's infamous album, "An American Prayer." Here I took the carapace of the album and put my own meat in it. It is a voice of a city siren. It is the thud of boots on gravel. It is rage mixed with mania.


A year of blood. A year of nostalgic documentation of the aging body, changing. An honoring of the anger and the sadness. A year of perseverance and the magick of being a woman. A bloodletting without the romance. A year of being twisted and unkind. Small and colossal.

Yr Friend Richard: a penpal friendship with Richard Ramirez

Written in journal format, with the flow of an angry 20-something, the story begins during a hot summer in the San Gabriel Valley, where I searched for sanity inside the most depraved person I could find.

Ingrid's World of Wonders
Ablution & Aggregate

A documentation on our first year of marriage. The discomfort in getting to know each other, the fears and jealousies. The love and the sex. They say the first two years determine EVERYTHING and this was our way of trying to remember what brought us together and what keeps us here.

Bruja Poetry Shop
Come Touch Me Before The World Ends

Come Touch Me Before The World Ends ...a 'quarantine diary,' where I documented the day to day between March-May. The mundanity of being kept indoors and the epiphanies of being in the confines of your mind. The new absurdity of being human out in the world.

APEP Publications
Hearken | APEP Publications

Hearken is a body adored, objectified and abused/ a love story/ a song of self/ erotic/ heartbreaking/ a pulverized meditation/ a cleansing fever dream/ open windows/ sacred/ rancid/ pure.

Sobotka Literary Magazine
Issue 8

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Bruja Poetry Shop
Bad Girl

I travel light. I don't keep things for very long anymore because things aren't as sturdy. Things don't last.The only things I rarely throw away are memories.Though, I'm guilty of discarding those too, if they don't serve me.Nothing is worth the weight if it don't feel good, if it ain't an essential part of your growth, your soul-that thing that makes you, you- Music, like it is for EVERYONE, was (and is) a crucial, if not detrimental part of my life.

Another New Calligraphy
Let the Buzzards Eat Me Whole

60 pages, handmade and numbered ​2020 in a room, beyond a curtain- / a T.V. blares its voice, because talking / is for children- / and I know things children shouldn't know ​In an era of unprecedented global upheaval, every personal crisis stands in danger of being lost among the confusion.

Bruja de Lamatepec, Excetera...

With over 20+ poets & artist contributors, SUBROSA is in essence, a beautiful look inside the hearts of the brave exposing some not-so-beautiful truths. From poetry, collage-art and graphs, SUBROSA congealed a broad spectrum of humans who dared show themselves in that flame. Beautifully and articulately arranged and printed by APEP Publications.

Bruja de Lamatepec, Excetera...
Falling in Love in Los Angeles

Love. It's my most favorite thing on Earth.It gives me life and makes poems come out.This husband of mine is my biggest muse and I have tried to honor him by putting together a book of poems about him and this city we live in.I've included some of my photography in hopes to invoke a sense of time and space.'Falling in Love in Los Angeles' is a succinct look at what love feels like when two people share their space with a vast splayed city.

Bruja de Lamatepec, Excetera...
el destino de Abril-ZINE

A made-to-order zine that commemorates "National Poetry Month." It includes 30 poems and five color prints of artwork by my husband,...

Sunny Side Down

A Charles Bukowski Tribute The sweat had been dripping down the arse cracks of my chefs all day. How did I know this delightful fact? Well, there was always one chef who had absolutely no filter for keeping any delicate information from me. In fact I used to get every ailment he and his mates...

Honey & Lime Literary Magazine
Honey & Lime Literary Magazine Issue One: Welcome the Haunting

Honey & Lime's first issue, Welcome the Haunting. Featuring the evocative works of Claudia Amuedo, E. Kristin Anderson, Shawn Anto, Brittany Barron, Zena Bresnan, Kate Bucca, Sally Burnette, Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins...

SWAN World - Zenith

The psyche is a funny thing. When sleep comes, we're slaves to its pull. Dreams become portals to the parts of our minds left untapped. In these texts, Ingrid Calderon offers complete surrender into these doorways. She hopes to entice and uncover her soul to show, that we're all suffering from the same condition.

Leste Mag
Leste - Issue #1

Leste Issue 1 Contributors: Vivian Fu, Elizabeth Schmuhl, Ingrid Calderon, Stephanie Kwak, Molly Soda, Liv Thurley, Lauren Cook, Christina Svenson,...

Penny Ante Feud 15

An existential moment - or two or three: that's what you'll find in this issue of Penny Ante Feud.

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Notes of a Dirty Young Woman
Notes of a Dirty Young Woman

so the probability of dying is inevitable. It could happen in our sleep, our cars, in our homes, at work. You forget where you're at when you work in the 9th floor. I have this wonderful view, the kind most people take for granted after a while.


Poetry books, collaborations, photography, zines and more...

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Column(s) & Kind Words

Los Angeles Literature
A Night of Community and Celebration

By Brian Dunlap Poets and book lovers braved L.A.'s rush hour traffic. It was a Thursday. February 27th. The destination was Diehl Marcus & Company in Hollywood, a Curio Dealer and Event Space of finely curated antiques, home decor and accessories from around the world. The crowd arrived for Ingrid M.

The Poetry Question

Kristie sadly passed away recently, and Ghost City Press have put out another print run of this collection. I love how witty and sharp her poetry is. It's beautifully observed, introspective writing that doesn't allow itself to fall into any standard poetry tropes.


Yes, Poetry
Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins: As Evidence - Yes, Poetry

worriment I've kept most of my concert stubs as evidence that I once left the house. I've thrown away lovers as evidence that I am not a hoarder. You hear the word "lover," and panic hits the metacarpals.

luna luna magazine
Poetry & Photography by Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins

I'm sorryI'm sorryI'm sorry I yawned love in all the shades of pastel you own/I want to paint your infinite so spread your legs,Show the world how deep you go, you said- There is not enough paint or sky to hold me, I sigh/ He laughs as he begins to

Another New Calligraphy
Impossible Task

English proved to be comical at best. I was in 3rd grade when I was finally fluent. But I'm jumping ahead of myself.Before then, I had learned a few words by listening to American music back in El Salvador, from artists like Madonna, WHAM, Tears for Fears.Music always seemed to make its way into the most impoverished countries.It was a balm.

Thimble Literary Magazine

by Ingrid Calderon-Collins Tell me I'll be beautiful when I'm 93 / that I'll burn with a knowing / that my bones will stop hurting / tell me I'll finally be beautiful when I go blind / don't fret / stay beautifully blue, she says, from across the ocean no

Royal Rose
Walking the Garden of Men's Desire by Ingrid Calderon

"I'm tired of writing poems about my pussy." I tell him. He nods, not in agreement, but in understanding, meaning, he hears me, he's paying attention to my words. He knows I'm about to go off. I'm about to explode all over him, let him hear what my brain can't contain.

Horror Sleaze Trash

gypsies this is feral love this is sweet love the kind of love that bites leaves traces of deep this is honest love painful love innocent love whore love animal love black onyx eyes turned white kind of love rooftop love where you on your knees suck the breath where the ocean of my cunt...

Horror Sleaze Trash
these small breasts

these small breasts bare scars of love and past encounters left astray. these small breasts swell and wane depending on the season, these small breasts weren't so small when I was nine naïve and boyish, not at all co-que-ttish these small breasts were unaware that young boys glancing meant nothing more than curiosity these small...

South Broadway Ghost Society
womb in purgatory - ingrid calderon

(a spin-off of Eggs in Purgatory) Ingredients 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin sacrosanct ½ medium ego, chopped 1 cup of depression 1 clove of laughter, minced ¼ teaspoon of anger 1 teaspoon suicide ½ teaspoon freshly ground prayers ¼ cup fresh cemetery dirt, finely chopped 4 large wombs ¼ cup grated afterlife Instructions Drizzle sacrosanct into...

Horror Sleaze Trash

sometimes ...I want hands deep in my geography, memorizing where it hurts to trail through me, pulling at my weeds watching flowers bloom, from my chest cavity want oiled fingers, on my butchered rose tongues eating at me like they're starving but see, sometimes i'm soft...

Latino Rebels
Stories From El Salvador: 900 Soldiers

By Ingrid M. Calderón-Collins He's like 5 feet tall, my father. Funny how he used to look like a giant to me. At four years old, he was my best friend. When he could, he'd take me swimming to Los Chorros, and buy me clothes while he did his rounds as a bus driver from Santa Ana to Sonsonate.

South Broadway Gh∅st Society
two poems - ingrid calderon

lick sweet lanterns, tender-pendulous ryles, it lies, teeth clenched, between the gaps youth lives somewhere, but not, if all-defiled a vain tongue speaks, of past and present traps a full beak drivels and remembers what being thirsty brought a sliver of the page in embers old love seems to enjoy the knot pitch and strike...

Rabid Oak
Three by Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins

sinner. sin. sinful. lonely. hungry. backseat movie on repeat. where next? Up and Downtown. sullen. serendipitous. money. jelly. drugs and sex.

Punch Drunk Press
"pink lights" by Ingrid Calderon

the LA sun is crisp this February morning I feel the wind circle my damp hair, my toes- my legs, freshly shaved, feel the warmth of this sun- thighs split share in this warmness you watch my smile I show you my teeth, my heart a trembling animal in your hands.

L'Éphémère Review
Inevitable Deaths and Self-Care

There are days, when the past begins to resemble a caricature. A fragment, a morsel of something that was important and sacred, a morsel of something that was important and necessary. But now, exists only in lines and grunts. Memories of wisdom.

photo album time capsule by Ingrid Calderon

Piss I didn't own a Ouija board until I was much older but I peed myself often. Not accidentally but on purpose, mostly in the shower or in the car driving. That warmness was my blanket, the kind of warmness I felt love

L'Éphémère Review
Art in Purgatory: The Muses

"ut pictura poesis , "as is painting so is poetry." -Horace In the umbilical connection that is the poet and the artist, I wonder if each would agree, that one is as essential as the other. We can romanticize this connection by a million threads, and still end up naked.

Punch Drunk Press
Two Poems by Ingrid Calderon

Beneath My Hands Beneath my hands my small breasts are graveyards of all the lovers who have sucked them... Wherever I fly the flutter of honey-dipped wings slackens my flight... I am mimed, because I've migrated to the landfill of your unspoiled, where birds get trapped in hurricanes and fail to fatten up...

Rabid Oak
"Circus Rant" and "wait till after"

Circus Rant The circus made its way to the small town through the old road. Snipers and soldiers let the performers and animals roll through without question because they knew that when it was finally set up, they'd get to take some time off and enjoy a good show.

horny poetry review

nimble fingers s p r e a d across breasts like webs, -your nails like spiders invite me to be eaten/ I hold my sinew like the filthiest of sacraments/ wind-up clocks make it strike midnight every hour I endure, you impregnate with your viscous/ sullen and sullied clean up messes between caresses, and salivate...

wildness - literary journal
the wilds

Wildness is an online literary and arts journal that seeks to promote contemporary fiction, poetry and non-fiction that evokes the unknown. Founded in 2015, each thoughtfully compiled issue strives to unearth the works of both established and up-and-coming writers and artists.

L'Éphémère Review
The Tenor and the Vehicle: Therapy & the Tarot

Before I was blessed with health insurance; before I had the privilege to take my overthinking and my casualties to my therapist, I practiced what you could dub, an organic-healing ritual. Without trying to sound too new-agey, it's simply the act of being present in the bad feeling.

Anti-Heroin Chic
Poetry & Photography by Ingrid Calderon

Teach me? Teach me about birds, please? I never much looked up, head always hung low or tilted from East to West You, tender as lavender You, tender as your deepest laugh You, are what heals when the...

L'Éphémère Review
The Art of Healing Through Bitchcraft

"What you pay attention to is what you become conscious of." Sloughing is inevitable. We shed our skin approximately every 27 days. We invite new perspectives and surrender our old ways almost unwillingly, if the timing is right. We battle and cry and move forward. Personally, I build alter-egos th

he says, | by Ingrid Calderon

"you're very Prussian in your sadness, you live life dark, brooding very Soviet, as if you're being oppressed daily by the communist regime... a clinical masochist--- you've changed your mom's mind about scars, told her they're combat wounds, a tangible map of grit, your sadness is in C major, and I can't tell, if what...

tenderness, yea
fault lines

-avoid the mirror dangerous young animal you're a vintage porn collage... -the smell of the dead, is that of the return to the cosmos- we were never our parents children, we were born in capsules, a coffin that if you're lucky, you die daily in-

bad pony
Ingrid Calderon

mama she'd eat handfuls of volcanic soil to supplement my growth when night came streets dark power out foot soldiers up steps through wild trees machete hands hungry foggy skies tinged with gunpowder & rosy trumpets mothers, children laughing beneath feet rumbling

Ingrid Calderon

Moonchild Magazine is a dreamy, experiential online journal and a friendly community of moonchildren.

L'Éphémère Review
Shade of the Sun

The dread of city life promises aching bones, chatter brain, curled blood. It promises red lights, turning yellow, turning green. It promises anxieties of crowds and elevators. Our adolescent sense of immortality long gone, replaced with fatigue and the sense of nostalgia the sky brings. We

L'Éphémère Review
In the Dead of Night, the Sun Shines Brightly

Yugen (幽玄) Roughly, the characters for Yugen translate into "mysterious" and "deep".The push to use your imagination. "The use of subtlety and allusion to hint at deeper meaning and invite interpretation." Let me frame a scene. There are oceans so vast; vivid colored animals living and slithering inside them.

Anti-Heroin Chic
Poetry & Photography by Ingrid Calderon

subtle violation ...slow...building...bliss growling hand prints on my cheeks/ humming...wet...on Sunday morning/ you lick at my smudged bruised hips/ they whisper, welcome, come in.../ sick fuck...

Two Poems | by Ingrid Calderon

lemon peel I want to be soft, jeweled, like fine china sipped antiquity brotheled smut I want my navel to expand each time I think of you I want my skin to turn to sand and slip between your weathe...

Maudlin House
Writers of the Week

Poet, semi-retired musician, amateur photographer, ex-Mormon & Civil-War refugee from a country you probably know nothing about (El Salvador). Ingrid made Los Angeles her home, and clawed her way through the English language, learning some French along the way. Most of her writing focuses on interweaving these subjects whenever possible. Her work is featured in Leste Mag, Electric Cereal, Drunk Monkeys, Anti-Heroin Chic, Dryland among others. Her latest poetry book ‘Zenith’ is published...

sea foam mag
poem and painting by ingrid calderon

​i can catch the danger and the rhythm of the rain mostly in sirens and screeches no insulation i just float in my favourite forgiveness and learn Italian easily French badly accent building...

Anti-Heroin Chic
Poetry & Photography by Ingrid Calderon

hatred and all its rewards don't make polite conversation does it? my pain, your upset, our suffering? instead, it hangs like embers barely starting a fire--- they don't got use for you...

Drunk Monkeys | Literature, Fiction, Flash Fiction, Poetry, Film Reviews, Writing Tips, Non-Fiction, Politics, Music
Ink & Ammo: The Legacy of the Salvadorian War Poets

I came to the United States in 1986, when I was six years old. My family came here, as many other families did, to escape a civil war in El Salvador, which began in October of 1979 and lasted until January of 1992.

Drunk Monkeys | Literature, Fiction, Flash Fiction, Poetry, Film Reviews, Writing Tips, Non-Fiction, Politics, Music
POETRY New Kind of Think by Ingrid Calderon

Ingrid Calderon is a writer, poet and pug enthusiast. Her work has been featured on Suite101, Electric Cereal, ZO Magazine, Beast Grrl Zine, the earthbound review, FORTH Magazine , Shoe Music Press and the Poems to F*ck To Anthology. Her first full-length poetry collaboration, Things Outside, is available on

Drunk Monkeys | Literature, Fiction, Flash Fiction, Poetry, Film Reviews, Writing Tips, Non-Fiction, Politics, Music
Listen to Me Marlon Review

Writer, director and editor Stevan Riley ( Blue Blood, Fire In Babylon) and producer John Battsek ( Searching For Sugar Man)provided our inner stalker with a peer into the audio journals of one of the most radical actors of our time, Marlon Brando.

A Girl's Take on Heartbreak: Poetry by Ingrid Calderon

I don't know how to tell a story the fire spreads and gets hard to tame. I s'pose it's in my nature that fire meaning if you believe in all that stargazing silliness everything must be quick and manic fervent and feverish.



At Ofrendas , we deliver a literary experience with magic infused within the prose and verse of an underrepresented community. We offer a community and platform for female-identifying and non-binary creatives. We seek to spotlight African and Indigenous creations, because now is the time to end the ignorant misrepresentations or lack thereof.

The Wombwell Rainbow
Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins

Wombwell Rainbow Interviews I am honoured and privileged that the following writers local, national and international have agreed to be interviewed by me. I gave the writers two options: an emailed list of questions or a more fluid interview via messenger. The usual ground is covered about motivation, daily routines and work ethic, but some...

booklust and stardust

I had the honor of chatting with poet/photographer/California-based-force-of-nature Ingrid Calderon over Skype in late October.


S.O.S. ~ Flash Art Sale to Get Out the Vote

100% of the proceeds benefit Fair Fight September 28 to October 8 Fair Fight promotes fair elections in Georgia and around the country, encourages voter participation in elections, and educates voters about elections and their voting rights.

Blue Pages 1.12 - Ingrid Calderon

Explore this new blue page containing five pieces of visual art from Ingrid Calderon - brightly haunting, impressionistic paintings and a couple of marginal, extemporaneous drawings. Often our amorphous ideas are just as intriguing as the fully-formed...

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Ingrid Calderon poet, writer, story teller, host, all around groovy chick.The edibles music will fill you up and keep you quenched.

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`CIPHER SUMMER '17 : ~FULL*SPECTRUM* RADI❇~ : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

These bastards are fierce, but chances are you haven't heard of them. They don't televise their sexcapades, and they don't have a contract deal with Random House or Simon & Shuster. Their pens are as jagged & blunt as L.A.'s beautiful wicked soul, without any of the paparazzi entourages, celebrity coteries, or 192kilohertz of pitch-perfect autotune.

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