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Brooke Battersby

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States of America

My name is Brooke Battersby and I am currently a student at Baylor University in Texas. I am pursuing a degree in Journalism with a focus on Public Relations, while maintaining a business concentration, something that I am very passionate about. In doing so, I hope to apply my skills as a writer, organizer, communicator, and researcher to a field that I am interested in such as nutrition, exercise, nonprofit, and/or travel. My professional goals could be summarized in three statements: 1.)To be able to effectively communicate to others through a variety of media, 2.) To use my career, whatever it may be, to spread the word about issues, organizations, and injustices that normally go unnoticed or unspoken, and 3.) To incorporate my passions and abilities into my career in such a way that I am enjoying everyday of work, while still making a difference in the lives of others.

I have been working as a freelance writer and social media manager for about a year and absolutely love it. These jobs have included copywriting, content writing, press release writing, and Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter management. I give my everything to whatever comes my way and I am incredibly self-motivated and love to push my limits. I am always up for new things, will put all my time and efforts into a project, and hope to expand my work as a freelance writer over a variety of new companies.

Grounded and Unbounded
Dear Baylor, You're still my Home

For those who haven't heard, Baylor University, specifically it's football team, has come under serious scrutiny for several sexual assault cases in which the reports were improperly handled. Because of this, head coach Art Briles has been fired and University President Ken Starr has been demoted.

Grounded and Unbounded
An Open Letter to My Body

In today's society, it seems like every message we hear is telling us to work out, to lose weight, to gain weight, to wear makeup, to not to wear makeup, to change ourselves. As a result, we spend so much time focusing on the areas of our body that we need to alter and improve, rather than learning to...

Grounded and Unbounded
All-Natural Chocolate Syrup

I LOVE coffee. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Coffee in the morning, coffee in the afternoon, coffee at night. I would hook myself up to an IV of coffee if it were possible. There's just something to be said about its sweet aroma and smooth taste.

Lawton Marketing Group
Dentist Brochure

An example of some copywriting I have done for a dentist office

Grounded and Unbounded
Love is Patient

1 Corinthians 13: The infamous love verse. You've probably heard it read at countless weddings, discussed over and over again in sermons, and referenced every now and then in day to day life. But what does this verse really mean to you? Is it simply a beautiful piece of literature or does it carry with...

Grounded and Unbounded
Why I Write

A lot of times people will ask me, "why do you like to write?" For most it is just a tedious task that gets them through college essays, long emails, and day-to-day scribbles. To me, however, it is so much more. For those who don't know me well, I like to hold all of my...

The Odyssey
Proverbs 31 Vs. The Worldly Woman

There is a difference between fairness and equality that modern feminists are overlooking; fairness is when individuals are treated in accordance to rules or standards, whereas equality is when individuals are treated the same. Let's say that the Bible is this standard or set of rules.

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